GC 2007: Haze Demo Coming Before Release

Chatting with Free Radical's David Doak earlier today, 1UP learned that the developer aims to have a demo available on PSN before the game's release. According to Doak, they're still not sure if it'll be a single-player or multi player demo, but the intention is definitely to have something for people to check out before Haze hits PS3 in November. Separately, Free Radical will offer a beta test of the game this fall. Whether this beta will be limited or in wide release isn't yet known.

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rsebes4078d ago

Finally a new demo for PSN thats going to be worth it. I can't wait. If they get this demo out before launch, it'll do wonders for its sales.

jodonn084078d ago

wow a high profile game...exclusive (timed) for the ps3.....having a demo....before its release...and a possible open beta...i just cant believe this sorry

GoLeafsGo4078d ago

That would be freakin' awesome.
It'd sure help me decide whether or not this is a purchase for me, as right now, I'm on the fence.

Vertius4078d ago

I'm exactly the same. If Nectar makes as much a difference to the gameplay as we're told, the game would ve worth a purchase. I'm looking forward to it!

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The story is too old to be commented.