Resident Evil: UC: Leipzig GC07 Trailer

Check out the new scorpion boss and more scenes from Resident Evil transposed to the Wii shooter

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Vizion263953d ago

It also looks like a fun game. I will be sure to check out since Capcom knows how to produce great games.

PS360WII3953d ago

yea looking good. That end stage looks like it'll be a freaky one

HeartlesskizZ3953d ago

o yes and that new scorpion guy looks nice

MyNutsYourChin3953d ago

This looks like a good arcade shooter but I'm really not that impressed with the voice acting.

Panthers3953d ago

This looks just like Res Evil 0. BTW, Res Evil FPS have never been good.

ItsDubC3953d ago

FPS? Are you sure you even know enough about this game to diss it?

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