Halloween candy laced with t-Virus making people zombies? Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles Data

"Halloween is over, and the only zombies we saw were on a t-shirt! Did you know the Nintendo Wii has had five Resident Evil games released on it? One, two, three, four, and five!

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles released on November 13, 2007 for the Nintendo Wii with a MSRP of $49.95. The game was published by Capcom, and it received an ESRB rating of "MATURE" with "Blood and Gore, Violence" listed as content for gamers and parents to be aware of.

How many hours can you expect from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles if you have never played it? How many U.S. Wii owners have reported playing it, and how many hours have they reported playing the game since it released? You may be feeling like a zombie from all the Halloween candy, so make sure to brew yourself some coffee and let's take a look!", writes CoffeeWithGames.

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