Civilization 5 Tech Interview - What Direct X 11 is good for

PC Games Hardware had a chat with the developers of Civilization 5 and talkes about Direct X 11 techie stuff. This is probably the first game where a DX11 card is highly recommended.

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spdarksky2973d ago

Graphically i don't care much about how much better it will look. The one i'm impressed the most will be the Direct Compute architecture. This is one of the most important aspect in rendering that's not possible before DX11.

No longer will we see pauses or late render of textures nor polygons (ahem GTA4..ahem ahem..Unreal Engine 3). When the more and more developers creates standard DX11 games for PCs then we will see the refreshed (i won't use revival because is never was dead and never will be) of PC gaming.