ANOTHER Kinect dancing game announced

Universal has announced it will be publishing Dance Paradise, another dancing game for Microsoft's Kinect peripheral.

Dance Paradise joins Harmonix's Dance Central, Konami's Dance Masters and Ubisoft's Michael Jackson: The Experience as the fourth dancing game for Kinect.

Players will able to strut their stuff to 'dance sequences which have been designed for all tastes and all levels'.

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Kain812922d ago

Kinect is a Dancing Machine?
this is the 3rd or 4th dance game for Kinect...

awiseman2922d ago

So its only natural that they release yet another dancing game for it. Although Id rather dance than ride office chairs down a street thats just stupid

8-bit2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I agree with you completely. Good thing Move isn't releasing version after version of Kung fu Rider unlike Kinect with their Dance off games.

Kinect games are resorting to shovelware even before the launch titles hit the streets.

darthv722922d ago

There was this tv show based of japanese show. It was called hole in the wall. They could set the game up to make the person have to turn and twist their body to fit through the geometrical shapes in a wall that moves towards the player.

The show was a bit hokey but turned into a game would be somewhat fun to play.

Windex2922d ago

apparently this guy is "Hella Good 4 stars" according to Kinect.

so i does not recognize movements correctly

Chubear2921d ago

er, no.

It may execute better than most of what we've seen so far but it's still kinda "off". It doesn't do dance games "properly" but rather better than it does other games.

There many vids that show this.

Bigpappy2921d ago

How do you encourage non dancers to try dancing if you keep flashing "FAIL" in their faces. You attemp at spin is lacking.

Windex2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

there is no easy setting.
It's just an easy dance song.

It means the moves are very simple to follow.

Has nothing to do with kinect going easy on you.

If it cant even recognize the simplest moves correctly, i wonder how it will work on harder moves.

and the guy doesnt even dance and kinect goes "perfect.. perfect... fantastic...."

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Anton Chigurh2922d ago

We will see Pole Dancing Kinect Edition.

k-Lan2922d ago

I think that sort of game should preform better with Move and it's color changing glowing ball. Usually strip clubs are dark. The only problem i see is strapping a Move on each arm and leg. Now that would make you look like a glowing champion on speed. ;)

Anton Chigurh2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

You sounds like a very talented person in Pole Dancing so , can you please show us how to do that bro ??

Thanks in advance ;)

bjornbear2921d ago

we'd see a Pole peripheral with that for sure =O impossible to grind against air...<_<

@ k-lan

=| that was a very sad display of butthurtness...where's Move mentioned here? cheap and uninspired...

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AceofStaves2922d ago

I wonder how these dance titles will differentiate themselves from each other. Will it be a case of 'played one Kinect dance title, played them all?'

That being said, Kinect certainly adds much-needed diversity to the 360 software library.

TheOldOne2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

kinect adds shovelware to the 360's software library imo.
id rather have more shooters than kinect dancing games on my 360.

AceofStaves2922d ago

Good for you. That doesn't change the fact that there's nothing wrong with any console maker expanding its library, and its appeal, beyond any particular segment of its audience.

I don't get the hate for the software. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If the games suck, they'll flop, but at least give the company props for trying to make the console known as more than an FPS or sports title machine.

8-bit2922d ago

@Ace - While I agree to an extent that expanding to the casual market broadens the userbase and adds variety.. Kinect seems to be limited to just that, casual experiences. Those kind of games are not for me. Between Kinect and Move the choice is as obvious as it could possibly be. I play games like LBP, Killzone, Socom, RE5 and so on.

lowcarb2921d ago

And I play those types of games perfectly well with my regular game controller.

facelike2922d ago

I'm just anticipating the country line dance Kinect game. That one's going to be a big hit.

beardpapa2921d ago

they're gonna milk these dance games like they do guitar hero + dlc. Dance Central Lady Gaga edition. Dance Central Aguilera. Dance Master HipHop remix. Ubisoft's Justin Bieber Collection. etc

LeeRoyJenkins2922d ago

Girls will love Kinect. I will throw Kinect dance parties everynight of the week.

Troll_Police2922d ago

And you still won't get any.

awiseman2922d ago

kinect will we a good party hoster mcuh like the wii was and like move is doing right now. Ur just mad cuz kinect will be doing it alongside your precious move.

Christopher2922d ago

I've been to a ton of parties over the last five years, and absolutely none of them have had video games being played at them. Not even by the kids. Drinking, dancing, various games, but no Wii, PS3, or 360.

CandyCaptain2922d ago

So is this confirmation Lee Roy is a PedoBear? ^.^

DigitalRaptor2922d ago

The future of gaming RIGHT THERE! xD

Forbidden_Darkness2922d ago

Now we just need one from Activision, Codemasters, Capcom, Disney, Square Enix and etc and we should be dancing until our feet fall off :)

By the way, I'm STILL waiting for that Ballerina game!

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