GCDC: Unreal Engine 3 games do not all look the same - Rein

Mark Rein says that if Unreal Engine 3 games look alike then it's probably just because the art directors share similar ideals. Asked why they looked a bit similar during a panel discussion about engines at GCDC, Rein was a jolly sort of irate: "Do you think BioShock looks like Gears of War? Really? Have you seen Undertow?"

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Kleptic4081d ago

thats all fine and us more UT3...there are a few very bad camcorder videos that just show the same map (and how fast the gameplay is), and an E3 trailer that was nearly identical to the first trailer of the game...

solidt124081d ago

He has a point, Bioshock and Gears do not look alike.

sjappie4081d ago

but I did notice that especially wall textures in those games look quite alike.

solidt124081d ago

I realize that the only reason not all games are coming to the PS3 now is because of the Unreal Engine not being optimised for the PS3 so I have to give extra props to Ubisoft for bringing Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and Graw 2 to the PS3 while they were still learning, even if they were late. That's the only reason we are not seeing Bioshock now on the PS3. By next year after Unreal Tournament 3 is release we should start seeing the games running on the Unreal engine on time on the PS3.

DEADEND4081d ago

UT3 is going to be a kick ass game, I've been waiting for it for a long time now and I an't wait to get it on day one

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