MS: One Halo Game Every Three Years Not Frequent Enough

For more than the first half of Microsoft's foray into the videogame world, players looked on with interest for years as they waited for the next Halo game to materialize. Recently, with the releases of Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, that wait has been reduced to 12 months or less. Expect that trend of short waits to continue, though perhaps not necessarily on an annualized pace.

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Shaka2K62925d ago ShowReplies(12)
Christopher2925d ago

1 new game every 2 years for each IP tends to be about right.

RageAgainstTheMShine2925d ago

How do you design a game where making money is the main design criteria?

DORMIN2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

LOL Now that Bungie has left 'Halo' with MS they are going to milk the hell out of this. Next CoD here we come

AngryTypingGuy2925d ago

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Any game that is released annually will eventually burn out. By having Halo come out ever two years, it will prolong the life of it.

BubbleSystemSuck2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

MS=Milk Shake?

i hope MS dont destroy the Halo frnachise with the new develpment studios

Anton Chigurh2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I was and Still Big Socom fan but I was very disappointed with Socom confrontation ... [email protected] man that game was [email protected] Lets hope that the new development studio (halo) don't follow slant six failure.

Nothing can replace Bungie and Zipper :(

iHEARTboobs2925d ago

I'm sure Bungie will bring something better to the table. Maybe not as popular but the gameplay should be better.

BubbleSystemSuck2925d ago

but now, the situacion with Bungie is unknow...

First... Microsoft... but now: Activi$ion Kotik


but i have all my Hope on Treyarch. i really enjoyed World at Ward...


Brklynty12925d ago

They dont want to make a halo game every year...ironically they sign with a company known for killing the damn cows...O_o

iPad2925d ago

Santa Monica: "We don't want to release a new God of War game every year. It'll make the series irrelevant."

They actually said something like that.

PshycoNinja2925d ago

Sony Santa Monica only developed GOW 1, 2, 3. 1 released in 2005, 2 released in 2007 and 3 released in 2010. Ready at Dawn have made the PSP games.

So they have not released a single GOW game within a year of eachother.

XactGamer2925d ago

Ratchet and Clank 1-12

thats milked

spooky2052925d ago

if we were to apply that to any ongoing franchise we could also include 7 metroids, 13 zeldas, and over 20 marios. There are differences storywise and gameplay changes in all of those sequels that keep it fresh. Some will continue to play and enjoy others will move on. I would say milked would be more along the lines of Madden, the new guitar heros, COD, anything that could have been patched in or DLC but added in and sold at 60 bucks.

kaveti66162925d ago

You haven't played the game. You're saying the online hasn't expanded. That's how people know you're wrong. The internet affords people the anonymity to say something without having any credibility, and people will believe them. But only to an extent. Then people like you, who don't know how to properly con people and manipulate them into believing lies, show up and say such stupid things, that anyone can now see that you're just a bullshitter. Not only that, but you're a multiaccount fanboy whose never had anything positive to say about 360 or its games.

I'd tell you to go play your PS3, but I'm certain you're having more fun here. What does that say about your games?

outrageous2925d ago

I hope so...the last thing M$ should do is listen to the PS3 community about anything gaming related. The hardcore 360 gamer deserves a Halo game every year, no different than COD. Find 2 great devs and let them go at it. While we are at it a Halo MMO would be great. A Lego Halo game would sell millions. Where's a TPS Halo game with squad control.

The fan base is there...hurry up already.

madjedi2925d ago

I doubt ms would allow travler tales enough control over the game, to make lego halo, add to the fact they would lose half the market instantly is another minus.

And i truly hope you viewing a yearly halo release like cod is a good thing is sarcasm. I'll put aside your fanboy comment for now. What 2 great devs, the unproven 343 industries and who isn't already busy with current projects.

Lmao wow i really hope this is satire, if not your stupid, beyond blatant rude fanboyism.

Do you know the phrase wearing a franchise out, that's why insomniac alternates between r&c and resistance and their new mp game.

It's also why bungie is done with halo for now, and people are telling naughty dog to lay off uncharted 3 and do a jak and daxter game.

While a lego halo game, isn't a bad idea, too much of any series gets tiring for most people after a while. Ms will kill the halo franchise if it isn't careful and tries to push too much halo in too short a time frame.

"the last thing M$ should do is listen to the PS3 community about anything gaming related." Lol yes built-in wifi or non-proprietary hard drives, free online play are all bad ideas don't listen to the ps3 community ever.

Which is ironic sense other than a brand attachment, there is are more in common with ps3 and 360 owners as gamers than actual differences.

The only significant difference is exclusive games and ps3 owners seem a bit more accepting of unconventional games than the 360 audience is, to me at least.

Solid_Snakeps32925d ago

god... M$ seriously want to live up to their stereotypes

avengers19782925d ago

Now that Bungie won't be making them. You'll probably see them come out every year to year and a half.

Roozium2924d ago


Chill the f**k out you fanboy.

paintsville2924d ago

It takes time to develop a quality product. Killzone 2 didn't come out over night and Microsoft shouldn't expect anything less from it's developers. I'd rather have a quality game than something just thrown out there to fill the gap ie ODST (terrible full priced expansion).
Quality over quantity any day.

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swiftshot932925d ago

These guys can go to hell without Bungie.


I hope you are right, The next xbox is doomed

ingiomar2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

lol Halo 4 will probably be a launch game for the way it will be doomed and with the current install base which is building up really fast, i dare to say its impossible for the 720 to be doomed.

if the Annualized Halo are Spin-offs like
Halo wars, Im a happy Haloer

As long as it isn't
2011> Halo 4
2012> Halo 5
2013> Halo 6 etc, etc..

BiggCMan2925d ago

i personally look at halo reach as the true successor to halo 3, and believe it is the real halo 4. it just happens to be a prequel. but still halo 4 in my eyes.

Comet2924d ago

"Xbox 3" will not be on the scale with a PlayStation 4.
Who said the next Xbox will come with Blu-Ray? That's right...

YoshiMeetsU2925d ago

Really? You and the 13 agrees want these people to go to hell because it won't be Bungie behind it? You are not even going to give the new studio a chance?

Even though the founder of Bungie and main creator of Halo Frank O' Connor is with this new team? A team that has ex-devs from Naughty Dog, Ubisoft Montreal and Irrational Games? Some seriously good talent there and MS has built this studio around said talent.

And THC Pritchard you hope he is right?

I hope you are dead wrong as a gamer.

bustamove2925d ago

Oh noes, someone wrote an opinion you don't like! Give me a break, really.

lastdual2925d ago

@bustamove: He didn't just disagree. And he formulated a logical response to that opinion, and backed up his position by reason of the talet involved.

That's what mature people call debating.

callahan092925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Bungie is one of the most talented developers in the world. The technology behind Halo: Reach is incredible. The polish on that game is immaculate. The menus, the presentation, the features, the options, the design in every category is just so far above and beyond any other game out there, and that's a fact. Maybe you don't think it has the most interesting story and characters, or even the most fun pure gameplay in terms of its level design and mechanics, but if you enjoy the game for the game on offer at all, then what really makes it such an incredible package is the polish and multitude of features on display. I don't see any other developer doing what they've done, and I don't see how a developer who has never released a single game (343 industries? what is that? who are they?) are going to compete with the level of talent that Bungie has. I just don't see how any developer BUT Bungie can make a Halo game that can stand up to Halo: Reach.

units2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

3 years is more than enough for a halo not every year

TheHater2925d ago

There was 2 Halo games release last year and another one this year. I think that milking it

Eiffel2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

One an RTS that was GREAT and made by a different studio.

There have only been six Halo titles since 2001. That's far from milking unlike some franchises.

Motorola2925d ago

Hence the milking begins!

Convas2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Oh No, not the COD treatment. MS, you idiots, think! GAHHHHH!

However, I'm not worried all that much, as one guy said in the IGN comment sections, 343 has to worry about getting people interested in Halo 4 first. They are going to have to earn our trust before they can even think about mega publishing.