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Warhawk gets 6.5/10 from PSM

"A third person shooter that never quite gets off the ground" according to PSM. Scan attached. (PS3, Warhawk) 6.5/10

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Schmitty07  +   2972d ago
Probably one of those games
That doesn't get great reviews, but still fun to play.
nasim  +   2972d ago
TOTAL BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I played the game and nothing is more fun than it.

The BETA was super fun ,super addictive and super amazing
Omegasyde  +   2972d ago
The graphics are great but its not Bioshock.
The sound is good but its not up there with Heavenly Sword.
The game control is great, but its not as sharp as a Tony Hawk Game.
The multi-player is great but there is no ending for the game.

I agree perhaps reviewers are over thinking the reviews. Its a multiplayer only game and nothing more. Its not trying to be Halo and its Not trying to be BattleField 2042.

I didn't know games got deducted points for just being enjoyable to play. It also seems that originality means nothing to PSM as well.

EDIT: The reviewer got his AZz Owned playing it. Look at the bottom left picture( of a warhawk). Under the picture It says pretty fragile. Did the reviewer expect the warhawks to be completely indestructible? I bet he did and he is sad that his plane never got off the ground because the other "mean players" kept picking on him. Freaking Noob.
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MK_Red  +   2972d ago
Good points but I think the Warhawk demo was more fun than Battlefield 2142.
But this game has originality and a lot of other positive elements plus great online performance thanks to those dedicated servers...

Truly unfair scores. Two really bad and unfair scores in 24 hours. BioShocks 9/10 from GS and now Warhawk's 6.5/10...
Omegasyde  +   2972d ago
I agree MK completely. This game is Digital Crack. Once your hooked, its hard to put down. Reminds me of when Halo 1 first came out, and how addicting that game was. This game deserves at least a 8.5, but not a 10/10 because well, there is no single player. People might also cry fowl because of such high ratings for a Multiplayer only game with "good" graphics.

I am interested in how Halo 3 reviews stack up in the following weeks and how many stupid comparisons between WARHAWK and Halo 3 there is going to be.
Marona  +   2972d ago
Has anyone else realized theres two pages if you have good eyes to read what it says? I can't find page 2 at all... besides that, cameras don't take pictures this small with that much bad quality.

To those disagree'ers: Seems like someone is still using those 1985 cameras. :o
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chanto23  +   2972d ago
Im a PS3 fanboy...
but i never expected high reviews for Warhawk...i mean i was in the beta and the game is really really fun but the graphics are not quite that good...gameplay is awesome though...i think all the review are going to be in the 7's for this game...good game though just not impressive...
HeartlesskizZ  +   2972d ago
not fair score
this game is very nice, it will be addictive to play with friends off or online
Gizmo_Logix  +   2972d ago
PSM = Loons!
Word is that they scored this 6.5 because it has NO SINGLE PLAYER. Bah! Up yours PSM! That is, if it's true and not a photo shopped image scan. :P

By the way. The screen shots are from gamespot. Ooops!

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reaperxciv  +   2972d ago
i wonder how
gamespot would rate this game
Zhuk  +   2972d ago
Warhawk was never going to be considered a AAA title and I don't think that this review was unfair. Dont let the scores bug you or stop you from picking it up, this game though not perfect will still be a solid title to play online and chances are you'll get some enjoyment from it.
ALI-G  +   2972d ago
2 down (lair , Warhawk ) , 1 to go (goddes of war)
killers app AAAAAAAA 5/10 6.5/10

@MK-RED:BS3 fan girl who is afraid to show it: 9 is not like 6.5 plus BIOSHOCK already got 14 prefect reviews ..in ur face.. or better i say in ur neutral girly mask...EDIT:oh another 10/10 for bioshock GAMEDIALY
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reaferfore20  +   2972d ago
I can barely read that
"Two very (gleaming?) flaws damage Warhawks appeal. The first is the (submission/exmission/somethin gmission) of bots. That means you can only play this game - which costs $60 dollars - with other people and-"

I hate bots.

Where's the other page???
SorenK  +   2971d ago
The degree of self-deception and illusion here is simply astounding. Tell yourself whatever lies you want to believe, or rationalize away the truth however you want to, sometimes the truth is too painful.

(note: the ironic part is every disagree or "-" I get is only a confirmation of my correctness--now that is some good old freudian psychology)
Kratos12  +   2971d ago
ok i am very confused right now. Who did this reviewer play with online?? Or did he review the beta? Since the game is not online and since there are no bots which is what he is ranting about and forgetting that the bots can be added anytime as a future update, what did he actually review? The full game in an empty world or the beta??
Jeremy Gerard  +   2971d ago
HEY PS3 fans
Hang in there, the same thing happened to us with Shadow Run, that game was awesome but was bashed by reviewers because it had no single player and cost 60 bux, as long as you know the game is awesome screw the dam review scores.
heroman711  +   2971d ago
thank you for not being a fanboy jeremy
GoLeafsGo  +   2972d ago
Did they play by themselves or something?
DarkArcani  +   2972d ago
I'm thinking so. One of the true easy to play fun games without getting owned the whole time. Unless (as you said) you play alone.
heroman711  +   2971d ago
im guessing they did. ign said they were looking forward to this game and they are currently holding up a tournament for this game.
chasegamez  +   2972d ago
please this game is what a online game should be 9.7
who ever review this must have
gotten paid off by microsoft
i play this game and this is the
most fun i hads since socom 2
Bloodmask  +   2972d ago
Paid off by Microsoft??
And people actually agree with you?? You guys really are morons.

I guess if Sony's first and second parties make a game it must automaticly be AAA. Does the cell processor make up your mind or do you?

Sony kids=funny stuff.
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bluegoblin  +   2972d ago
not so sure....
i dont think that ms would do that considering is PLAYSTATION magazine.
too bad for warhawk im still going to buy it.
DrPirate  +   2972d ago
For those PS3 fans disappointed with PSM's latest Warhawk review, you will find this interesting:

PSM: Independent PlayStation Magazine, Future US Inc.’s leading publication devoted to coverage of Sony’s console, has appointed Rob Smith as Editor In Chief. Prior to his position as Associate Publisher for both magazines, Smith contributed as Associate Publisher of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) and before that, as Editor In Chief of the publication.

Interesting. I hope it's not true for the sake of me not wanting to hate on X-Box biased employees trying to screw with Sony's game...

How about a proposal. If the consensus amongst general reviews is that it's nothing more then a mediocre online game. I'll concede. It makes me feel bad that I think mediocre gaming experiences are amazing. I wonder what I'm missing out on :\
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Rythrine  +   2972d ago
Dr Pirate
That's true, he stated in his introduction 3 issues ago that he was the Editor-in-chief of PC gamer and then the Official Xbox Magazine before becoming PSM's.
Dr Pepper  +   2972d ago
@ DrPirate

I really doubt he joined the mag to give PS3 games bad scores. I mean think about it, this is his career and what he's been doing for a long time. Not everyone has made it their life goal to bring down the PS3 and Sony.
heroman711  +   2971d ago
@ dr pepper
u have a point but why has ign and everyone else has been praising this game? there has to be a reason. i can only think of this game being good so maybe it was a biased person . ign is holding a tournament for this game, that shows u how much they like it
MK_Red  +   2972d ago
Wow, PSM gave it 6.5!!??I was expecting a 9 from them and at least 8 from most reviewers but with this and 1UP already talking about its price affecting their score... God help Warhawk. The game is serious fun IMO but maybe not in opinion of those reviewers.
Kleptic  +   2971d ago
The price is reduced though isn't it?...60 for the game with extra stuff (a headset, movies, etc...sort of like the SE addition)...and the regular game is 40 I think...

It is worth every penny of either version...and is an absolute must own if you enjoy online combat games...

Now people comparing this to Bioshock...that is ridiculous...one is only single player...one is only multi...bioshock is amazing...and will probably be the best single player experience this year imo...but Warhawk will probably be the best online...

my moniter fuzzes out on that scan...so I can't read why they gave it such a low score...the Warhawk beta was the most fun I have ever had online on a console...
toughNAME  +   2972d ago
well Lair couldnt keep up with Bioshock
now Warhawk cant either
hey maybe Heavenly Sword?

wouldnt a playstation magazine be biased???
whats up with that?
chasegamez  +   2972d ago
psm is a fake azz playstation magzine
ps3 rules
MK_Red  +   2972d ago
I do really hope that Heavenly Sword is up to the challenge and if I'm not mistaking, PSM already gave it a 9 or higher. :)

Still, 6.5 is way too low. Even the demo alone deserved 8 and now with this being the full game...
tplarkin7  +   2972d ago
You can't judge a game by a demo!
The Bioshock demo was amazing, but I still wait for the game to come out before I form an opinion. You don't know what will happen outside of the demo.
Daishi  +   2971d ago
The only thing I can think of is that maybe the Beta let you do too much and the reviewer felt like they were playing the beta with more levels. But no fear for early adopters, downloadable content is on the way.
chasegamez   2972d ago | Offensive
chasegamez  +   2972d ago
psm magzine sucks anyway
psm is a fake azz playstation magzine
MACHone  +   2972d ago
...is definitely more fun than a 6.5! Sure, granted I'd like to see about five more world maps and a few more vehicles, but the developers have already promised LOADS of downloadable content. I've said it a million times: this game isn't really unique, spectacular, or revolutionary, but it's DAMN FUN! And heck, coming bundled with a $45 headset doesn't hurt, either!
DrPirate  +   2972d ago
Odd, I was in the beta and I had a blast.

From what I read in the magazine scan, they faulted it being online only.

By that logic Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and that online only game for X-Box Live (Shadowrun? Shadow something?) Are all failures.

They also faulted the price...It's 40 bucks...and free online with free dedicated servers. Seriously now, I'm not trying to damage control, but I will call out people for being idiots if they're logic falls outside the boundaries of reason. Like the EGM Lair review.

Edit:Shadowrun was seen as a failure because of it's high price and lack of quanitity of maps. The game was amazingly fun...
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MK_Red  +   2972d ago
Agreed. Multiplayer games like Team Fortress and Counter Strike are among the best and Warhawk seems to be the next big thing in multiplayer gaming, considering the great demo.
The Natural  +   2972d ago
Um...Shadowrun was seen as a failure...
InMyOpinion  +   2972d ago
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nomuken  +   2972d ago
In the uk
PSM3 is the most popular PS mag by far. Their reviews are honest and professional most of the time.

Edit: Bugger it, i'm buying it... f*ck the review. I can make my own mind up.
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sexybeast69  +   2972d ago
I was in the beta,
I have 10 PS3 Hating fanboys for friends. We spent countless days playing the beta. Thats all we did. They didn't leave my house. ITS THE COOLEST GAME DUDE, ITS A MUST BUY FOR ANYONE WITH HANDS.
DarkArcani  +   2972d ago
@ sexybeast69
I don't know how many times the game crashed an hour, i was still compelled to play. Comparable to the amount of fun i had playing TM2 for the first time.
EZCheez  +   2971d ago
@ nomuken
Don't believe this bs review. DarkArcani and sexybeast69 are right. This game is VERY addictive and you will not be unsatisfied. I will remember the name of this specific reviewer and take his reviews with a grain of salt now. If I hadn't already played it before maybe I would think otherwise, but I have and so have a lot more of us. Don't believe this crap.
the worst  +   2972d ago
this is the same guy who gave 8.5 Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire
are you for real this guy needs 2 be fire
from that fake playstation magzine
that game suck Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire
Sovannah Phum  +   2972d ago
seriously? I hate it when a reviewer is biased towards certain genres. those idiots should be neutral.
Ri0tSquad  +   2972d ago
LOL what an idiot
How the hell is does that game get a better score then warhawk??? The game wasn't even playable frame rate sucked!!!!!!
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theMindXplosion  +   2972d ago
Where'd you get that info?
Everywhere I look says PSM gave Mobile Suit a 5.0.
If there's one thing I hate it's people making stuff up to distort FACTS.
Also, consider the fact that a lot of you are PS3 fanboys who only get to play the 3 decent next-gen games on PS3 and the guy that reviewed it probably plays at least 3 new games a week. Think about it for a second.
If you like the demo though, buy it. It'll just be more of the same...
ngg12345  +   2972d ago
It is accurate
Games like shadowrun, and warhawk are really good, and fun games but lack content. The score is probably low just because it is 40 $'s for an online game. I don't know, but I doubt this game is bf2 quality, because the graphics aren't as good. Also PSM, is part of 1up. So you guys could blame them.
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daous  +   2972d ago
is NOT part of the 1UP team. Official Playstation Magazine (OPM) was part of 1UP though, and that was discontinued recently due to each issue being expensive (mainly because of the demo discs).

PSM is an UNOFFICIAL gaming magazine, and it was ALSO the one that claimed Killzone PS3 in 2005 was real-time...
jay3  +   2972d ago
The thing with Shadowrun was it was kinda hyped up, then it came out and nothing more for it. It didn't get great reviews but it's still one of the most fun games out at the moment. I think that's gonna be the case with Warhawk.
Rythrine  +   2972d ago
I'm still waiting for my copy this month but that's pretty low. I want to see who reviewed Warhawk. It would be interesting if its the new Editor-in-chief Rob Smith who used to be the Editor-in-chief for their Xbox magazine and the one who stated in PSM that the best PS3 controller would be an Xbox look-alike lolz. Come back Chris Slate.
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secret  +   2972d ago
Looks like "Professor Umbridge" got inserted as the high inquisitor for PSM.
ps3FTW  +   2972d ago
FU you PSM!
secret  +   2972d ago
Poetic and straight to the point. Summed up all I wanted to say in only three words...
GoLeafsGo  +   2972d ago
They failed to mention the downloable version for $40.

Does anyone have the entire review?
There's got to be some actual reasoning other than price and just being online =|!
stunt213  +   2972d ago
wow i did not expected this but it doesnt matter because im going to get this game anyway and i need a bluetooth headset
snittolo  +   2972d ago
One Word
Owned =(
Huddymonster  +   2972d ago
I HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME. THe review is horrible. THE GAME IS AMAZING AND IS SO MUCH FUN. Alot of strategy and only an idiot would give it a score like that. All Beta testers would agree with me

See ya in the game
secret  +   2972d ago
Let's review the reviewer and give him a score.
reaferfore20  +   2972d ago
I give him 10/10 turds.
AcidRhain  +   2971d ago
^ bunch of babies signing in to n4g again.
gEnKiE  +   2972d ago
Im still getting it....
I read this earlier today and it seemed basically they were complaining about the price of the game and it only being "online only". I did just skim through it but it seemed like thats what they were getting at. Im still really wanting this game though because of the fact of playing it online.
Contra26  +   2972d ago
I was drinking coffee when reading current N4G news.
then suddenly i saw this..

I immediatly spat my coffee out.

AND LAUGHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








gEnKiE  +   2972d ago
and did someone kick you in the face and said you were an idiot?
mccomber  +   2972d ago
Perfect example
of why I don't listen to reviewers. I loved the beta, and would buy this game even if every review from here on out gave it low scores.
the greatest  +   2972d ago
i agree
i was in the beta
i played this game for hours at a time
ps3 rules
secret  +   2972d ago
That guy's reputation is now on the line.
DJ  +   2972d ago
For the people who participated in the Beta
What score would you guys and gals give it?
Huddymonster  +   2972d ago
the greatest  +   2972d ago
9.5 best thing since socom 2
ps3 rules
Rythrine  +   2972d ago
I'll say 8-9. I'll deduct points for the graphics. Its not MGS4 quality.
Clinton514  +   2972d ago
essh I don't like scoring online only titles.
I was in the beta and it was pretty cool. I'm not to certain how to even go about scoring it. It's fun. If I were to go by the method of, "Recommendable or Not Recommendable" I'd have to give it the green light.

It's probably not going to be the best of it's genre but it is most defiantly fun to play. Flying a Warhawk is an awesome feeling.
mccomber  +   2972d ago
If it was delivered
just at it was in the beta... probably a 7.5. I'm assuming we'll see more maps with the retail release though, and that would be my main complaint about what I've already seen. Add another 5 or so maps right off the bat with the promise of more to come and I'd bump it up to a 8 for sure.
I honestly don't think this is a 9+ game, but on fun-factor alone it's worth purchasing.

I'm assuming this will be one of the biggest complaints we'll hear, so I'll address it; I don't care about it not having a single player mode. I personally don't think every game needs to have both single player and online modes. Focus on one or the other, and if you can deliver a good experience in both so much the better, but don't toss either in just because it "needs" to be there. This is a great online game, and shows the promise of both MMO and downloadable titles on consoles.
sexybeast69  +   2972d ago
I would review it like this
Graphics: 9 - They were really good, and the draw distance is 100% right on. Theres some cool effects and everything is really well rendered.

Sound: 9 - There is a great soundtrack of battle music and this game really does have some awesome sounds for guns, vehicles, etc...

Gameplay: 10 - OMG, This game is the most addictive, fun, most tacicle game ive played in a long time. Everyone of your friends will not want to leave after playing 4 player split screen online.

Overall: 10 - An awsome game worth every penny. I would definently recommend getting this and loving every moment of it. I hope you get it, and ill see you on the front.

PSNID: LuciferEx
drtysouf21  +   2972d ago
I'm speechless!
I was in the beta i'd say an easy 9.

This is why i trust no reviews good or bad. If i'm hesitant about it i rent if first if not i buy it. I read somewhere the other day that a good thing to do is go to gamefly.com and read user reviews for games so you get a better idea and alot more input from a wide range of people so thats what i started doing and its alot better then reading gamesite reviews.
DrPirate  +   2972d ago
This is coming from someone who still plays Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake 3 Arena, Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress and Battlefield 2.

The game really is a top-notch gaming experience.

I'll give 8.0. I'll fault it on:

1 for lack of maps (Easily solved with downloadable content)

.5 for rough controls as an infantry unit on the ground (Or maybe I just suck playing as infantry.

.5 for the graphics looking like a High-Defintion , High-resolution Socom 3. The Warhawks, Water, and Terrain look very nice though...

Seriously, again, the game is a top notch experience
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aiphanes  +   2972d ago
Peeps, warhawk is awesome! I was in the beta..
The beta was kick ass...These are just people hatin on the PS3.
Warhawk is one of the best ps3 games!

U will get hooked into warhawk...the only thing keeping us from playing the beta for 24 hours straight was the beta only issue of the PS3 locking up. They fixed it towards the end of the beta but the final game is suppose tp be freeze free.

Get this game!

I rate it at least a 9.0!
Ri0tSquad  +   2972d ago
it was great only reason why i could see it got this low score is because it changed?
Genki  +   2972d ago
I'm in agreement with DrPirate
I'd also give it an 8, and for essentially the same reasons.

1. It could certainly use more maps, but what was there was fun, expansive and breathtaking. The design itself was pretty good as well, but I think ground turrets were a bit much...just a bit.

2. The infantry combat wasn't nearly as refined as it should have been. Aiming didn't feel right no matter how the sensitivity was tweaked, and movement just felt limited and robotic. It was entirely too difficult to cut someone with your knife. Entirely. I'd like it to be something akin to the quality of GeoW's movements/aiming, minus the cover aspect. The view should be an over the shoulder type ala RE4 as well, I think that works much better for the TPS aspect.
hfaze  +   2971d ago
I would have to give it an 8.7 BARE minimum...
I had an absolute blast with the beta. I would say a bare minimum of an 8.7 (as far as reviewing the beta).

The fact that you can have your buddies hop in split-screen on the fly into the online game you're playing makes this game great! Intense action, the vehicles are a blast, and the online modes in the beta made for one great time.

I will most definitely pick this up when it comes out.
Wolfgang187  +   2972d ago
Classic example of how pointless reviews are
I played this game no less than 4 hours a day everyday when I was in the beta and had a blast every second I was in it. Sounds like they played it for 10 minutes then passed a rediculious judgement. I mean whos online playing with them right now anyway? They surely aren't in 32 person games, thats for sure.
Funky Town_TX  +   2972d ago
PSM sux?
but they gave lair a high score. You guys kill me.
Rythrine  +   2972d ago
PSM didn't review Lair yet. Maybe you're thinking of something else like PSM3 which is from Europe. PSM is US.
Chaos Striker  +   2972d ago
Well this is only 1 review after all. We will just have to wait and see how other critics score the game.
barom  +   2972d ago
Oh god, all these disappointments makes me wanna sell my PS3. WTF!!!
sexybeast69  +   2972d ago
you dont deserve a ps3 if a bad review makes you want to sell it.
This game is the most fun game ever bro, and dont you even forget it. Buy this, play it, love it.
secret  +   2972d ago
You need to make up your mind rather than allowing the reviewer to make up your mind for you. Millions of people all over the internet are crying in outrage because they think the reviewer is wrong. You'd rather believe one man over millions of players around the world? This man might as well have been inserted into PSM by Micrsoft to stir trouble, considering he was working for an xbox magazine before coming here.
#26.2 (Edited 2972d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Wolfgang187  +   2972d ago
somewhere between 8.5 and a solid 9
Bloodmask  +   2972d ago
I think
it is funny how Sony drones don't ever listen to reviewers unless the review is positive. Do you really base games only off of who makes them?

I have played some pretty subpar games that were made by some of my favorite developers.

Sony kids will buy games no matter what as long as they have the hypnotic SONY logo...
Funky Town_TX  +   2972d ago
yes they will
when the reviews are good "AAA" is typed. When the review is low they say to hell with reviews. I have purchased some games with garbage reviews before. Just get the game guys.
chrno  +   2972d ago
People will buy the game because it's fun, not because it has a sony logo u bot. The fact you are one of the biggest 360 fanboys here indicates that u have zero credibility.
Clinton514  +   2972d ago
Cheer Up Sour Puss
All you do is moan about games that you don't or won't ever play. You're no gamer.
snoop_dizzle  +   2972d ago
this is how it goes
if a xbox game gets a positve review it cant be true, if it gets a bad review its true. Unless its coming to the PS3,(ie oblivion, i heard a lot of people diss the game when it was a 360 exclusive and when the news came that it was coming to the PS3 there was rejoiceing and before they just dissed the game entirely not even just graphics)

If a PS3 game gets a bad review either msoft paid them supposedly(and if thats true i wouldn't doubt sony doing the same thing) or they are on meth.

As for 360 fanboys its the same thing but the other way around.

Either way its bad.

As for this its one review, so hey we still need to hear from some others to get a better idea of what the game is about.

I still think its probably still going to be pretty fun.
#28.4 (Edited 2972d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Wolfmoonstrike  +   2972d ago
Man please don't bother posting if you have don't any good comment on or relative to the conversation. It'll help stop you from sounding like a fanboy.
Ri0tSquad  +   2972d ago
Some of us including my self have played the beta which was awesome (some said better then the halo 3 beta)which is why we cant understand why it got such a low score. You seem more like a M$ fanboy so you wouldn't understand that this isn't just another crappy ps3 game that were trying to save. Its a game with great value that WE(some ps3 owners) have played on our tvs and is fun to play.
jwatt  +   2972d ago
I think
They put a low score out to show that reviews don't really mean anything, it's still going to be fun. They treat it like a real psn title I treat it like it's an actual game.
Ri0tSquad  +   2972d ago
Exactly for a 30 dollar game thats free online
I couldn't see my self not buying it. Its fun its not like anyone who has played the beta is lying the game is awesome online.
Douche  +   2972d ago
I really don't get why there is so much emphasis on reviews. They pretty much never reflect the interests of the general public. Screw it. I'll be the one to judge.
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23m ago - Results, roundup and analysis as SKT T1 take on H2K in game four of the day at the League of Lege... | PC

Legacy of the Void Pre-Purchase Unlocks Artanis in Heroes of the Storm

23m ago - Heroes of the Storm players, rejoice, for Artanis is (almost) here. If you preorder Legacy of the... | PC

Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Launch Trailer – “A New Frontier”

23m ago - EB: 2K has released the launch trailer for Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide, which is now... | PC
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