Paramount Explains Why they Chose HD DVD Exclusively


"So, the first question I asked Rob Moore was... "Why would Paramount/Dreamworks choose the allegedly losing format in this format war?"

Rob responded that the keyword there was "Allegedly". It seems that according to their studies, the people that buy stand alone players - buy more dedicated film product... so, due to Toshiba's commitment to getting quality equipment at the under $300 barrier - means to the execs at Paramount, that this is the format to support

I then asked when the Indiana Jones set would hit and if it would be exclusive to HD. Rob responded that on the films that Steven directs, he wants the titles to be available in both formats - so those will be cross-platform titles. However, the rest of Dreamworks, Viacom/Paramount's world... those will be HD DVD exclusive for the next few years at least. Can you imagine Blockbuster not letting people rent Transformers, Shrek The Third, etc? Me Either. This format war is a fascinating chess game, isn't it?".

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TriggerHappy4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

"Rob responded that on the films that Steven directs, he wants the titles to be available in both formats - so those will be cross-platform titles. However, the rest of Dreamworks, Viacom/Paramount's world... those will be HD DVD exclusive for the next few years at least."

Does this mean their deal is timed ? According to his statement, is like they are not even sure what they have done.

Here is hoping Paramount dont pull a Rockstar on HD DVD, that will really be an even bigger blow than the announcement of them going exclusive.

Omegasyde4135d ago

Then what if Sony drops the price of the players to under 300 as well? What then? Hmm I smell a HUGE loan taken out to pay someone to switch teams. I wonder how much of a Loan Toshiba took, and from whom they borrowed money? Microsoft perhaps?

If Sony plays the price game again ( which this holiday season, might happen) What will Toshiba do with just 3 studios/companies vs over 8?

The numbers are still working for Blu-Ray. Even the Biggest title yet, "300" sold almost a 3 to 1 ratio versus HD DVD.

However it "ain't over" till the Fat Hobbit Sings. Or Princess Leah.

Will the Blu-ray camp march these weapons out now?

FreeMonk4135d ago

winner will be the one with the cheapest player available, no matter what company produces it.

The Toshiba HD-DVD player is $300, when they were nearly $1000 this time last year.

The problem for Sony is that they will not be able to drop there PS3 to $300 anytime soon, let alone a cheaper price, which will happen with a Stand alone player from a competitor.

Look at DVD players now. You can easily buy a DVD player for $30-$40 probably even cheaper, and with the HD-DVD using the same similar technology as standard DVD, it may be cheaper than Blu-Ray, which at the moment, the stand-alone players are not dropping in price.

Omegasyde4135d ago

And the cheap $199 blue ray player is still set from China before the end of 2007.

O and one more thing, believe it or not..

There is actually blu-ray players out there that aren't PS3's.

Reference: / / /

Loudninja4136d ago

They do not even know what they done

BIadestarX4136d ago

and you do....
Ofcourse.. if you are a Sony fanboy and support blu-ray.. then supporting blu-ray is the only desision... to make. Didn't you hear the % of HD movies being sold? The format war have not started yet. ofcourse a few early adopters got their PS3 or HD DVD addon.. and now they think they already the winning format... but until one of these formats each 51% of movie sells.. it's not over.

Things can go anyway.. this is prove of that. Exclusive blu-ray supporters may jump ships once they see that unlike what many people thought the PS3 is not helping the adoption of blu-ray as much as Sony promised... instead it's also hurting the PS3 adoption too.

Kaneda4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

yeah, I got 10 blu-ray movies and 6 games...

Not helping?

HD-DVD is just slowing their dead...$150 million...for how many years exclusive? maybe just next year...

power of Green 4136d ago

It was pretty cheap for that fanatic to post how to pass the test now we'll have every nut on the web posting BULLSHIT. This site already has too many Sony followers.

TriggerHappy4136d ago

You reported this story fake ? man you need really grow up. You gladly welcome good news but quickly dismisses news that is not in your favor.

SmokeyMcBear4136d ago

yeah merc.. thats the definition of a douchebag

power of Green 4136d ago

What the fuc do you thinks this post is?. lol I'll bet you've spent the whole day looking for news and info to disscredit the original and other aswell. Don't come to me trying to insult me with your piss poor bias news post history. lol keep digging before more people find out hurry and try to debunk the importance of the news.

I need to grow up?. "you need really grow up" one more BS reply and I'll post your news post history and the patterns in which you post them.

This very post is revenge pay back BS dug up because it goes against your agenda. WoW the biggest fanatic just called me out Just WoW.

TriggerHappy4136d ago

Man HD DVD or Blu ray can murder each other for all I care, I just wanna see a winner. However I prefer to see a clean fight instead of companies going Rockstar on others.

Unlike you, I don't even care about this pathetic format war, i just want an end.

PS: And if you don't like th news am posting, please take the contributors test and post your own news so you can read.

BaMYouRDeaD4136d ago

How does this guy have so many bubbles?

Omegasyde4135d ago

honestly Power of green..

How is this Story fake?

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Loudninja4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )


DrPirate4136d ago

Paramount, Shut up, we know where that 150 million dollars in your bank account showed up from.

Stop bullsh*tting us.