Neocrisis: White Knight Chronicles: Dogma Wars Trailer

Neocrisis: A new trailer is out for White Knight Chronicles: Dogma Wars coming to PSP.

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forevercloud30002982d ago

I am one of the few actual fans of this game series. I found the gameplay to be huge amounts of fun and love the level of customization in every aspect of it. I have the first game and am very much looking forward to the release of WKC 2 in the west(Your own Knight FTW).

Can't wait to see how this portable one will pan out. I hope they are not pulling a Valkyria Chronicles tho and completely shifting a good PS3 title to PSP. I will enjoy it either way but I rather play it on the big screen.

PS360WII2982d ago

Should be fun for sure. It'll be nice to see the days of old and how they dealt with the Knights back then. I don't see this series going the route of VC just yet seeing that the 2nd one is already for PS3 :)

forevercloud30002982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Yea ur right. This is just a spin off prequel it seems. Nothing that really bodes that the entire series will go that route. Just lke Birth By Sleep and KH.Bubble Up for u :)

Nevertheless, its looking good and I want it. Level 5 just needs to work on those dame conversion times because almost 2 years between JP and US release is unacceptable these days.

Can't wait for..
-WKC Portable Dogma
-Ni Nokuni PS3