Various RPG scans 1/12/2011

The Last Story, White Knight Chronicles PSP, Rune Factory Oceans, Atelier Violet, Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Trinity Souls of Zill O'll, Yakuza of the End, Tactics Ogre, Nobunaga's Ambition Online, Super Robot Wrs Z, Monster Hunter Frontier, Monster Hunter Freedom 3, Story of the Last Promise, SaGa 3, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, Patapon 3, Ni no Kuni (DS), Farmaria, DQ Monster Joker 2 Professional, Shining Hearts, Final Fantasy XIV, Devil Survivor Overclock, Dissidia Duodecim, Cladun 2, Venus and Braves, 30 2nd Hero, Tales of Graces f, Queen's Gate, Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age Origins, Final Fantasy Legends, and Secret of Mana mobile.

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imoutofthecontest2891d ago

That's...a whole hell of a lot of RPGs... O_O

RedPawn2891d ago

I hope we get:

Phantasy Star V

Well, if we get a Dissidia for PS3, I hope they add Noctis.

Redempteur2891d ago

So many good rpgs little time