PSP RPG scans 1/17: White Knight, 3rd Birthday, Valkyria 3, BbS Final Mix, more

"Lots of PSP RPGs shown here, including The 3rd Birthday, Valkyria 3, Venus and Braves, KH: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, White Knight, Queen’s Gate, and more." -RPG Land

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knifefight2499d ago

Venus and Braves is hard as hell on PS2. I look forward to a portable version.

remanutd552499d ago

noooooo i want to play White Knight Chronicles on the PSP 2 NOT on the current psp , i want to play with 2 analog sticks and full psn functionality !!!!

Redempteur2499d ago

Why complaining about a psp2 version when the psp2 isn't even annonced ?

what's the point ?

remanutd552499d ago

i want to be able to play the game with the same ps3 online functionality and 2 analog sticks thats all , and im pretty sure the psp2 will have that , i thought sony first party developers were not working on the current psp anymore to be focused on the next hardware , but then again white knight chronicles is a sony ip but develop by level 5 so who knows , i'll wait for jan 27th to see what sony says about the psp 2 , online on the current psp is a pain , time to upgrade sony

Evolve2499d ago

Well, That's Interesting!

j-blaze2499d ago

all i want is The 3rd Birthday, Persona 2 and Shining Hearts...
agh Japan always get the quality RPGs first, luck them !

laaakokaracha2499d ago

too often they dont just get them first...they get them exclusively :(