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Console Versions of Amnesia: The Dark Descent Unlikely

Console versions of horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent are unlikely to materialise, according to developers Frictional Games. (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

gillri  +   1807d ago
shame, more people deserve to play this great horror
Substance101  +   1807d ago
Its a small developer, developing for consoles usually requires huge licesence fees to be paid to Microsoft and Sony(which in the end is borne by the consumer note how every console game is 10-20usd costlier then the PC counterpart). Along with that comes the cost to learn to develop for the console.

I think the Console market has barriers to entry which is why the Indie scene is so successful on PC. Recent example being of Torchlight which managed 500,000+ plus copies on PC alone. Which is a great acheivement for a low cost Indie title.
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OnlyTheTruth  +   1807d ago
They're actually fully licensed for the 360 already (according to some design documents that come with Amnesia). It's a shame that they won't be bringing this to consoles, though. I've heard rumors that they're going to have to close their doors if they don't make enough profit off of this which is a tragedy.
comp_ali  +   1807d ago
It is too hard for console players tbh. they only need hack and slash games.
We don't want another game to be dumped down.
gillri  +   1807d ago
lol what a stupid commment, Amnesia on PS move would be amazing,
imvix  +   1807d ago
Mouse is plain better. Also like its mentioned above, console licensing fees are huge. Save the developer some slack and save afew bucks yourself get it on PC.
DigitalAnalog  +   1807d ago
If you're talking about the Z-axis. Yes, very implementative. I'll support them by purchasing the game on steam.

-End statement
rekof  +   1807d ago
they should make It for PS Move,..
Move is like made for Amnesia's and Penumbra's interface,..
They really should do it,. and put it on psn ,..
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Kain81  +   1807d ago
that would be good idea
chak_  +   1807d ago
It doesn't require a monster PC and is 15$

Just go buy it already
lolzers  +   1807d ago
I can't stress enough how good this game is. Go and buy it, as well as any of their previous games if you haven't already. Would be a shame if Frictional Games went out of business, every game they've made so far has been excellent. I'd like to see them go on to make even better ones.
NYC_Gamer  +   1807d ago
they need a big publisher to help them out
KillerPwned  +   1807d ago
I`m gonna give this game a try i seen it on steam and it seemed like a odd title.
Xfanboy  +   1807d ago
no thanx keep it PC
Now adayz on console they wold have to turn it into an action game like RE5 for the masses to buy..
rakunado  +   1807d ago
This game is a breath of fresh air. Just when I thought no game could scare me anymore apart from Fatal Frame, System Shock 2, Siren, Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and Clive Barkers Undying, this one comes along and blows all of them(Except for Fatal Frame) out of the water. Survival Horror is still alive and well.
Aleusia  +   1807d ago
it's really not that great of a game, i've watched several streams and walkthroughs. it's honestly too dark to see anything around you, the sound effects are annoying and there are maybe 3 enemy types.

15 dollars isn't bad for what you get though, which isn't alot.

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