Hands on Heavy Rain, Literally (PS Move Impressions) - Ripten Preview

Ripten: I beat Heavy Rain a couple of months ago, and while it was shorter than most of the games I play, it was definitely better than I expected it to be. Yet, that was using the Dualshock 3, and while it had motion controls, they were nothing like playing with the Playstation Move controllers at PAX Prime 2010.

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CrzyFooL2746d ago

I don't think Heavy Rain is a good game for Move. I don't even know why it supports it. Make coffee and open the fridge with motion conrtol . . . woo hoo, fun times. lol.

Sandwich Bender2746d ago

If I can swirl the Move remote to stir my creamer into my coffee, I'm sold.

Bigpappy2746d ago

The Move is competing with the DS3 more so that Kinect. Until they design games for the move (Like the gladiator game in sports champion, which I think needed more developement time).

2746d ago
Apocalypse Shadow2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

but it amazes me each time i see you defending kinect bigpappy while at the same time,nitpicking in every ps move article.but you don't want kinect to be criticized.

the fact that ps move is an OPTION,means that it's not that big of a deal being that heavy rain is an already awesome game.they added it to give gamers a new way to play.being that kinect is $150,at least it would have been good for it to be added to at least ONE current 360 game.

what CURRENT games will that be added to bigpappy?oh wait,you can't and they won't.just like xbox to 360,it's either you BUY into new hardware,or you can't said buy 360 or no new games for gamers on xbox.

how about you go and criticize kinect and all its failings of not living up to about criticizing the fact that you can't use it on current games or the fact that there are no core games releasing at launch.or better yet.....

"what games will you be playing at launch for your kinect?"not your kids,not your girlfriend or wife.what do you plan to buy for kinect at launch?since there are so many extraordinary games releasing for it.

Bigpappy2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I am pre-dicting that that a lot of people will be disappointed because they are not seeing the Move for what it is. The fact that you gave that response, means that you believe it will work will DS3 games better than the DS3. I am telling you, that that is far feched at best. it is a controller that uses a pointer rather than a right stick. Good luck getting a shot off when someone rushes at you unexpectedly.

@Shadow. again I did not say that Move was falty. I just said that it can not replace DS3 in DS3 games. Relax dude. What other Move article have you seen me in? You are just glad I am here for you to start the Kinect fits. But I expect that from you. To answer you question, in a respectful manner: I will be playing Kinect Sports, Dance Central, your shape fitness and Motion Sports by UBI. The kid are teens by the way and also love the selection. My son is the younger and is looking forward to the Sonic game. So, there you have it. Oh, and no I did not want to shoot with my fingers in Halo. When they do use Kinect is hard core games, I don't want it replacing the controller, but to add new features that are better done with motion. I love the 360 controller and know it will be difficult to replace. I prefer it over Mouse and Keyboard.

Larry L2746d ago

I'm one of the people who played Heavy Rain and considered it a revolution in interactive story telling. I've been a dedicated gamer since the Atari 2600 days, and Heavy Rain is one of the greatest video game experiences ever for me personally. And the price for Move and maybe a nav controller is a small price to pay for me to make that experience even MORE interactive.

I've seen the videos of Heavy Rain being played with Move and it looks absolutely perfect imo. As soon as I have the extra money, I'm buying a Move just for Heavy Rain. Everything else I play with Move, like trying it with Killzone 3, will just be a bonus.

I'm interested to see how well it works with FPSs. I tried a couple FPSs with Wii and I wasn't impressed. So I'm not expecting greatness. But I could certainly imagine it being great if it actually works as good as I would want. I just doubt it could work as good as I'd want.

Either way, I'll at least be trying it.

Bigpappy2746d ago

I think the tech is good. If enough people buy it and Sony gets the right support for it, the developer with start making inovative games for it. Just having it play games that are made for the DS3 is not a plan for success. That is a novelty plan which when it wears off will leave the Move the move stuck on the charging rack while everyone returns to the DS3. I don't know how they are going to do it, buy Sony's best bet for the long hall, is to get the casuals interested in the Move over the Wii. Just saying it is more accurate is not going to work. They need exciting casual games that dont require anything more than the Move button. Those other buttons and the Nav are for hardcore gamers. Start the party has no apeal and should have been free.

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CrzyFooL2746d ago

omgad what's with all the disagrees!! Why do you need motion control for a game like this!?

jaredhart2746d ago

Don't think motion control makes to big a difference. Heavy rain is a good game.

Matronedea2746d ago

It doesn't, but it was a great game to begin with. It might be worth it more if they took a crappy game and tried to make it excellent using Move.

wakash2746d ago

i had no idea Heavy Rain was even gonna be compatible with Move.. nice

greeneggsnsam2746d ago

Well, it will be- when the developers release the update. It's good to see them supporting the new tech like this.

Matronedea2746d ago

I really loved playing Heavy Rain, but was also a huge fan of Indigo Prophecy. It would be cool if PSN would start PS1/PS2 games with Move compatibility.

Paradise Lost2746d ago

If Psn would start with ps1 and ps2 move capabilities, the devs would have to recode the game, so i doubt that will happen.

Matronedea2746d ago

I know it's doubtful and I don't expect it to happen, but I'd still like it :)

Crackerjam2746d ago

I can't imagine using any motion controllers. Flailing about to interact with games? No thanks. Having a dongle that looks like a dildo/anal plug combo doesn't help, either.

stuna12746d ago

People talking about dildo's & anal plugs just proves your experiences with their use!

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