Mafia II Review – A Tale of Friendship and Betrayal

Gamersmint Review : Mafia 2 is the successor to the brilliant Mafia which was released in 2002 on the PC. It has finally released, amidst a controversy regarding racial issues surrounding it. 2k Czech, the developers, have shown a lot of promise with Mafia 2 which was apparently in development for 6 years but does the game manage to live up to the standards set by its glorious predecessor which carved an identity for itself, separating it from the swashbuckling GTA series?

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Meisadragon3021d ago

hows the PS3 version guys, worth buying?

cyborg3021d ago

The PS3 version does have a few issues when it comes to the visuals, there are times when it shutters a bit aswell and as we all know it CAN'T do grass. But having played it, I can confirm that it's NO BIG DEAL and it's just as good as any other version. Def worth a buy, no second thoughts about that.

Meisadragon3021d ago

after all destructoid rated it higher

LukaX233021d ago

Definitely worth the buy, don't trust all these reviews. These sites want a GTA-style game when in fact it's a completely different game and can't see that. Any version is worth it.

fuckitimout3021d ago

mafia 2 is too unrealistic and isn't tactical like mw2. Mw2 cover system is better by far. Mafia could use perks

Sarcasm3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

GT5 > MW2

mw2 is too unrealistic and isn't racing like gt5. GT5 racing system is better by far. MW2 could use cars

That's how stupid your comment looks. Unless your just doing a good ol taste of sarcasm.

BryanBegins3021d ago

I personnally found that Mafia II was the most boring game I've played in a long time. People always complain about GTA IV, but the missions in Mafia II are wayyyy more boring, even the DLC. I mean, seriously, most of the things you have to do is just incredibly boring. Like: why do I have to drive all accross town to go to bed when anyway, it's a missions-driven game and not a sandbox...
Also I finished the game on hard in 10 hours, and if the game didn't have so horrible checkpoints, I would have beat it in 6 lol

Just my thought, I think a rental is more appropriate.

Sarcasm3021d ago

I actually agree. I rented it and while it does some things well, it does a lot of the basic open world stuff pretty horribly.

They might have just made it a regular linear game instead of build an entire city with nothing to do in it.

karlowma3021d ago

Don't have the game and don't plan on getting it, but paid DLC less than a month after the initial release? Come on.

After not picking up NHL 11 today because it was $70, I am starting to hate the games industry.

MacGamer3020d ago

I've heard some mixed reviews about the Mafia games... I might have to go and rent them from the local video store and make an assessment of the game.

Some are saying its really crap and pathetic, where as some others are telling me its a not bad game.

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