60° Video Game Credit

With many triple A titles coming this fall/winter, many gamers have to make choices on which games to buy. Money or other difficulties prevent one from getting all the titles they seek. But we at wreckedgamer are here to help you try and get all the wonderful games you can. Enclosed are great amazon deals in which you get credit towards future game purchases.

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deadreckoning6663020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

All those games..and no Vanquish. Unbelievable. Guess Amazon doesn't see it as a hyped up game yet.

ISKREEM3020d ago

I got $10 credit for pre-ordering Vanquish off, so stoked for that game!

WildArmed3020d ago

I'm getting Vanquish too, but going to wait if they offer game credit soon.

PS: Does amazon have a deal for buying 1 Move + a game/acc with discount off -.- (or any site for that matter)

I wanna buy Move, but already have a PS eye.
Buying MOVe + sports champ is pretty much the same price as the PS MOve bundle, so looking for a deal so that us, pseye owners, dont have the fork the same entrance fee as the non-ps eye owners.

D: Gah, I can't belive i missed the best buy 20% of sale.

ChickeyCantor3020d ago

I hate how stuff on amazon is pretty cheap when converted to euro's.
But when i want to buy something from Amazon, TAX and Import Fee's are added.
Sucks monkey balls.