The Best Prices for Move or Kinect Bundles

A must read post if you are planning to buy wither of these bundles. Lists the cheapest bundles with the best bonuses.

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KratosGirI3027d ago

The Move Starter Pack is gonna cost around $70 in the UAE (pretty much the same in where I'm from). So I'm good here :P

Pennywise3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

WTF. Why... just tell me why buying the eye again is cheaper than any other option.

2 Move = $100
Nav = $30
Sports Champ = 40

= $170.00 + Tax.
+ $80.00+2 games
= $250.00

That bundle I listed is everything minus the nav. And it even includes 2 extra games.. so lets do this:

1 move
1 eye
1 sport champ
2 games

-$25.00 gift card

+50 (2nd move)move

Same amount of material with an extra eye for $20.00 less.

I want 2 move controllers... so assuming you want one, deduct $50.00 from both prices.