More Killzone 2 Tech Stuff - Deffered Shading

Still wanna know how the killzone 2 development team are working on this upcoming PS3 exclusive shooter ? Then you are in luck, here is another released pdf document which shows how deffered shading in games like Killzone 2 is done.

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The Dude4023d ago

It will run 720p @30 fps. Was the first one any good?

So, is it the Halo killer we've been waiting for?

QuackPot4023d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

You have a link there. Now where's the link quoting Sony saying Killzone is a Halo Killer.

All the informed gamers know it was all press/journalist hype. NOT SONY.

I'm still waiting for that link quoting Sony..........

The Dude4022d ago

Thats the title of the article I linked to.

Douche4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

You still didn't answer Quackpot's question. Where's is the link with Sony stating that? Did Sony tell IGN to give their article that title? Do you think so? If so, you're dense. Sony never said it was a Halo-killer. Gamers, journalists, and press gave it the title and hype. If you listen to the GG developers who are the makers of the franchise, you'd be able to tell that they are very modest for what they are contributing to the gamers. They don't make rash statements for the games they make. They've made it clear that they are humble for w/e entertainment Killzone 2 can generate. While you're at it though, I want you to also find a link to where Sony stated Killzone 2's first trailer was real-time. 'Cause I'm sure you believe that as well.

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Genki4023d ago

then I imagine it will signal a turning point in game development for the PS3, which may translate well to other systems, who knows? These guys roots are in PC development anyway.

I certainly hope that all of the outsourced devs take what they learn from development on this to other titles in the future and expand upon what's learned. Besides the 41 million dollar budget, the people here seem really keen and determined as to what they want to accomplish, and that can only be a good thing today.

I also hope that they share these assets within Sony, that would be fantastic.

Clinton5144023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )


edit: That wasn't even Killzone related. Lame.

Rhezin4023d ago

2 bad it'll be bad as the first one. :(

Panthers4023d ago

What else does your crystal ball show?

San anto4022d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.