Kinect for Xbox 360: The Wait is Almost Over

For all those Xbox lovers out there who felt a little left out of the motion control bandwagon, don’t fret any longer. The new Kinect motion-sensing controller interface for the Xbox 360 is on its way just in time for the holidays, and Microsoft is ensuring that several high profile games will support the revolutionary peripheral.

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BlackBusterCritic3038d ago ShowReplies(6)
0mega43038d ago

its primary function of controller replacement must work as if it lags or is inconsistent it wont be successful

additionally someone need to post an article about Microsoft money management

where is your live money going?

i would like to see an article discussing

them wasting money on securing timed exclusives

shifting there focus away from there core audience and toward the causal cash cow with kinect
and putting all there first party studios on kinect developments

not having enough first party studios

and failing to secure third party studios to make exclusives

and justifying xbox live
charging for multiplayer experience which is usually half of the game you already payed for purchase

kasasensei3038d ago

I am not waiting for it.

ImmortalLegend3038d ago

Why is nobody considering the Kinect/controller combo? I think that this combo will work for 'hardcore' games. For example, you mainly use the controller but use a few gestures and voice control here and there. Everyone is just thinking about Kinect alone, but if used in conjunction with the controller I think it can work.

Apollyn3038d ago

Because then you basically have PlayStation move?

ImmortalLegend3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Oh yeah, I forgot the Xbox 360 controller had motion control...

Apollyn3038d ago

For controller and camera combo the controller would probably need motion controllable for full Experiances with most games. If the kinect camera was as high spec as the original unit I would of already ordered it.

mcstorm3038d ago

Its all because No one can think of what it is like to paly a game like that they just think well move can do that too.

99% of Move games after release will be cross plat games from the wii or will be able to use the standard controller or move.

Where the Kinect games will be built from the ground up just to use Kinect or controller built and added features for Kinect.
On Paper Kinect looks the better device out of they two with what MS has said it can do but because they have not shown it doing it People are starting to question the device.

I think once Xmas is over MS will shock alot of people with some good looking kinect hard core games.

btk3038d ago

You are dreaming. Their PR already shows it.
And learn to deduct the capability of a device by looking at the specs.
A 640x480 30fps camera is not going to be able to give you hardcore games.

Watching the spindoctors trying to convince the public of Kinect potential is like watching these movies where they get this really crappy image that is a blurry lets say 640x480 image - and the person says "zoom in, enhance, clear up the image, rotate" and wow - you get the number plate of a vehicle 100 meters away from the corner reflection of a persons glasses. No logic tells you there is not enough pixels to do that - no matter what the compression or fuzzy logic software.

Look at the specs - and you can easily deduct what Kinect is capable of. And the answer is - not much more than the original EyeToy. You can IR z-axis as much as you like - the resolution and fps is not there. The processing power is not there. It can do stick man physics called skeletal tracking - but the hyped digit tracking - there is not enough pixels for it. And the skeletal tracking - well - you add four people on screen - all moving around - and it is going to get confused and laggy as hell. Just simple logic.

If you have not realized it yet - MS has no magic Ace up their sleeve as you are hoping for. If they had - they would have revealed it 10 times a day now that the Move release is imminent. The fact that their PR is damage control spinning apologetics and hyping future 18 months down the line potential tells you something - they know Kinect is not up to the standard of the competition - and they have nothing left in the bag but marketing and PR BS.

zak94ma3038d ago

and the big fail is waiting for it ! i was considering buy it for ma PC but after nothing is clear about it . sayonora Kinect

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