Don’t expect a game from Respawn Entertainment for a while. - Everyone wants to know what the former Activision employees and geniuses behind the CoD series are doing. And while details have been scarce, we now know that they have as much of an idea as we do on what their next project will be.

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Forbidden_Darkness3012d ago

Atleast 2012 by the earliest.

I hope it's more then just another shooter like COD, at RPG elements or something to change it up abit

ChronoJoe3012d ago

Well presumably this time they'll need to build the game, and it's engine. They haven't even finished hiring yet so I expect it to be another 3 years, in contrast to the call of duty series' two years per game, per studio.

Forbidden_Darkness3012d ago

True, unless they use an EA engine or something, as long as it's not the unreal engine please.

allyc4t3012d ago

I bet they make something themselves. Just like DICE uses the Frostbite engine and MoH uses their own for the single player component.

IK IR Y IP T3012d ago

sorry allyc4t but MoH uses the unreal engine for single player unreal engine is one of the best engines ever made

IaMs123011d ago

Well the UE is a great engine and its how you use it makes it really count. Like Bioshock and Gears are all UE and they look great. They are unlike other games where they all have the same graphics but the same engine.

allyc4t3011d ago

I cant wait till they come out with UE4.