Paying The Pipers – Subscribing To Multiple MMOGs writes: "The fact of the matter is that most of these games are not worth the $15 a month. Or by playing second fiddle to WoW, they won’t be worth that to me, so I just won’t subscribe. I would pay $5 for 10 hours a month of STO or many other games. This option does not exist. It seems that developers are just too hesitant to attempt multiple payment schemes for fear of changing the current amount of subscribers or adding new overhead."

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SirLarr2979d ago

I only ever play one MMO at a time - it feels wrong to be playing multiple when I could be concentrating all my efforts.

iTZKooPA2979d ago

Then how do you know what you're missing? I tend to concentrate all my efforts on one character per game, but always have a backup in case I get pissed off at my guild or something.