Three Simple Reasons Why PCs Are Superior To Consoles

Three reasons why Game Judgment's Nicholas Abbate feels PC's are superior to consoles.

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NYC_Gamer2658d ago

i love both worlds of gaming but right now pc offers way more variety

darkcharizard2658d ago

PC has better graphics and games. 'Nuff said.

Don't boast about PS3's graphics and go buy a Wii for Christ's sake!

silkrevolver2658d ago

Sure, it has MMO’s and Starcraft II, maybe an exclusive here or there, but you’re fooling yourself if you think the PC has better exclusives than consoles...

Silly gameAr2658d ago

Clearly trying to hard. What kind of tool compares PC games to consoles? You're not a PC gamer anyway. Wonder what kind of fanboy that makes you? hmmmm...

zootang2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


I know!

Driving: GT5, MotorStorm, Mario Kart

Platform: Super Mario galaxy, LBP, Ratchet & Clank

Tps: Uncharted 1,2. Alan Wake, MGS4

That is just 3 genres! You would be missing out on some quality gaming if you just had a PC. After all we as gamers like to play games.

Darkstorn2658d ago

Consoles are much more accessible for younger gamers. I think people who grow up with consoles stick by them, and vice versa for PC people.

FishCake9T42658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

@ Zootang
Sorry to burst your bubble but the PC has some of the most realistic racers there are, one in the form of iRacing. Heres a quote from Wikipedia "As of April 2010 more than half of the current Indycar series drivers use iRacing for fun and training. Vitor Meira and Will Power have also said they used iRacing in their recovery from broken backs sustained in the 2009 season."

zootang2658d ago


You mention Indy car, lol!

Formula one drivers like to use there spare time in GT5p

Also no other racer in the World has the most popular track in history the Top Gear test track (yeah i know it nurburgring). So you can compare your times to the Stig or just other paces set by the cars on the board.

GWAVE2658d ago

The thing I love about PCs is flexibility. The thing I love about consoles is reliability.

With PCs, I can mod. And with PCs there are more "ree browser-based games, free MMOs, and free downloadable indie games than all the games of all the current consoles combined.

With consoles, I can (usually) count on a reliable game that isn't going to require a ton of patching, hardware updates, driver updates, and so forth. I can (usually) just trust to pop in the disk and start playing.

Both PC and consoles are awesome in their own way.

SilentNegotiator2658d ago

Look at all of the big time games we've seen on consoles the last couple years, and then look at PC.

HxCGamer2658d ago

matter of opinion

truth is, if you love gaming you have to have all


poindat2658d ago

Sure the PC offers greater graphics and more flexibility within the games themselves... But where are the actual games? I own a PS3 and decent gaming PC, yet its the PS3 exclusives that always drag me back to play them.

Sure, the PC excels in genres that consoles can never get right, and I do enjoy PC games in that regard, but the one thing I noticed about PC exclusives is that they lack the originality, the 'need-to-play' factor that many console exclusives have. Sure you've got the booming indie scene, but where are the original and creative top tier, AAA games? I certainly don't see any.

So you can boast about graphics all you want, but when it comes down to the experience within itself, the PC is certainly lacking. Don't get me wrong, I love my PC for what it does right: RTS games, racing sims almost to the level of real life (and I love GT5 as much as the next guy, but you're fooling yourself if you believe that a console sim can come anywhere near to the realism of games such as rFactor or iRacing or GTR2), but when it comes to 'must-play' games, I look towards the consoles.

iamgoatman2658d ago


Top Gear test track is the most popular track in history"? Hahahahahahha! That's funny!

Obviously not a racing fan at all if you think a figure 8 is more popular or well known than the likes of Monaco, or Spa, or Silverstone.


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Tommykrem2658d ago

I don't see how PC offers more variety.
Controller, all weird motion gaming, Dance Dance Revolution and singstar/lips are better on console. There's not a lot of good party games on PC. Maybe no party games at all? Who buys Guitar Hero for PC anyway, and finally: There are being released and made more AAA games on consoles.

I can see other reasons though. Like better graphics. Even though most of the technically impressive games are arguably on PS3, with the exception of Crysis. PC does have superior versions of a lot of games though, and mods.

Darkstorn2658d ago

You claim that PCs offer less variety, then only cite party games as examples? Come on.

I could say the same thing about strategy games on consoles (ex. Civilization Revolution, Halo Wars, etc.)

PS3Freak2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Ya that wasn't the best example.

F4sterTh4nFTL2658d ago

Infact you can even take The Sims series from us, please take it away, I beg of you.

Dee_912658d ago

but i cant play online with my friends on PC so
PC is a no go for me srry PC lovers

PS3Freak2658d ago

What's with the massive influx of PC gamer superiority over the last little while. Sure PCs are more powerful than consoles. WHO CARES! Get over yourselves.

Dee_912658d ago

lol i know right
if you could make a custom ps3 or xbox like you can with a PC im sure the custom consoles would be up to par with a custom PC

Theonetheonly2657d ago

just fighting back at the massive influx of ps3 fanboys infesting every crevice of what used to be a balanced gaming website.

iamgoatman2658d ago

Judging by all the disagrees people are getting, the console fantards are already all over this thread.

But it's always funny watching people putting their fingers in their ears and going "la la can't hear you" whenever someone says something they obviously don't like hearing.

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pat_11_52658d ago

I wish I could added a gaming level pc. Then I could play Starcraft 2 :(

TheSleepyGamer2658d ago

The way I see it regarding cost is that its all situational. If you know how and what needs doing to assemble a powerful gaming rig then PC gaming could be a great choice. For me however, simplicity wins everytime.

ZombieRepeIIent2658d ago

My only problem is the lack of game genres the PC does well. It excels at a few, but bombs at most. Modding is something consoles can't compete with, but some games are getting there with user created content and support from the devs. Overall I want to get into PC gaming for what it does well, but I'll always have a console too.

pat_11_52658d ago

I think that's a very valid argument. PC gaming definately has it's strengths.

Theonetheonly2657d ago

that every game developer designs every game on a pc before they move their optimized code from editor to their console of choice right?

they dont design every game for pc but on pc. connected to a devkit for level testing.

no such thing as a AAA game designed on a console.
pc had its hands on it first.

where do you think those"high polygon" models came from?

3dsmax zbrush etc.

as for the game engine, designed on a pc as well.
then run through a compiler so it is optimized for whatever console is the target.

all ports are done on pc as well.

pc gaming accells at everything,

consoles focus on selling things.

ZombieRepeIIent2658d ago

With zero support(not Valves fault). At least the Orange Box was a steal.

Pandamobile2658d ago

TF2 on consoles is a joke.