What exactly is a next generation game?

BBC takes a look at how the developers today take advantage of the new hardwares.

The term next-generation is used a lot in the video games industry but what does it actually mean? How are developers taking advantage of new gaming hardware and what are the challenges and next steps for the industry?

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tudors4062d ago

Starting with PS3 then Xbox-360 we have two screenshots of Timeshift.

Bazookajoe_834062d ago

For me nextgen is High defenition, Wii is not nextgen. Ps3 and xbox360 are the only ones that are pushing the limits of what have been seen on consoles.

eclipsegryph4062d ago

So "next generation" = "improved graphics". I personally think it's that method of thinking which will stagnate the business. Fortunately, though, the graphics whores are few.

Bazookajoe_834062d ago

But for me it´s makeing as lifelike or as visual compelling game as possible.

A game that is sold on next generation console? So if they would make a new gamecube you would call it nextgen?

jigaman4062d ago

You really don't know what next gen is if your definition is "High Definition". HD is but one aspect (a small one at that) of gaming. In fact for the most part it's just a nicer way to view your television. Did you even read the article? Each concole is pushing "next-gen" in thier own way (In my opinion). But hey we're all entitled to our own opinion no matter how inaccurate or misinformed it might sound (generally speaking).

WVmetal4062d ago

Its really exciting to be a part of the gaming scene right now. There is going to be some amazing things in store for us gamers in the future.

eclipsegryph4062d ago

A next generation game is a game that will be sold in the NEXT generation of consoles, whenever that will be. Is it really that difficult to understand?

Oooooh, I get it, this is the slang definition of the term "next gen". I thought we were already over that.

Jo0j4062d ago

...someone gets it. bubble for you. For a second there I was getting worried.
As of right now there are no 'next gen' games, It's too early in this gen to be saying that nonsense again, developers won't be working on 'next gen' games for at least another 5 years, the current gen is here and now, if someone says 'next gen' again, they better be talking about a game that's being developed for whatever comes after the Wii, 360, and PS3 or you need to STFU.
Otherwise they are just saying how this gen doesn't live up to their absolutely unrealistic views on why the graphics(what gameplay? they know nothing of it) aren't CG and why(in a racing game) they can't see the sweat from a zit on a fly's ass 1000 yrds away, through volumetric fog rendered in 1080p at 120fps with HDR. ''nope it's not teh 'nex gen' to me durr.''
people. get a grip, and move on.

Armyless4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

People look forward to next-gen consoles offering these possibilities because the hardware expands the creativity of the developer to break boundaries on what's been "done before".


Too often, the bottom line ($) means it's safer to create sequels with better graphics than INVENT a new game that wasn't possible before. Katamari Damacy, Crush, and Portal are great examples of "next-gen" concepts that succeed independant of "next-gen" hardware.

LeShin4062d ago

Great article and a great response post. I totally agree with you. Developers probably want to make really creative games but are stifled by the worry that it might not sell. Okami is a perfect example. That game is brilliant, but did not sell as well as they would have liked. I really hope that doesn't stop them making great games like that.

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