What is Saints Row dev's 'Downfall'?

CVG: Saints Row developer, Volition is working on something called "Downfall," according to a CV that's appeared online.

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Kingdom Come2831d ago

It's the Downloadable Red Faction Armageddon-linked game, supposedly a prequel of some sorts coming out before the main title. I'm hoping it's a new ip, I love everything this company develops, they are really talented.

Hitman07692831d ago

How about no friggin trophies for Saints Row 2? That is enough for me to want to snap my SR2 disc, almost...


they got alot on theyre plate! saints row though is always amusing

Kingdom Come2831d ago

We know that both Saints Row 3 & Red Faction Armageddon are in development, thats two big franchises, AND Volition are working on new technology for Saints Row 3, I can't see this being more than a Downloadable title...


maybe its the greatest game ever created! who knows

dizzleK2831d ago

something involving hitler getting banned from xbl.

MicroSony4Life2831d ago

I miss the good ol days in SR1 when me and the gang (Family 1st) would stay up all night owning the God Fathers :)

Please bring back protect the pimp!!!!!!!!!!!

Kingdom Come2831d ago

Saints Row 3 was stepping away from the whole "Gangster" thing so sorry mate but I doubt it, I know what you mean though, Saints Row 2's multiplayer is horrific. Didn't play much of 1's but I'm guessing it didn't have cars spawning in front of you and running you over like in 2.

MicroSony4Life2831d ago

First R* said that they will never go back to San Andreas because GTA 4 was what they wanted the series to be and now SR2 is not going gangster anymore - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I hated GTA 4 and the fact that we can look forward to more washing your car and walking your dog with your BFF in GTA 5 is something I am not looking forward to.

Is APB any good?


yea they said they wasnt gonna do more of that , im excited to see what sr3 brings though!

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The story is too old to be commented.