N'Gai Croal On GTA Delay: Don't Blame PS3

N'Gai Croal chimes in on Level Up this evening with "informed speculation" on the Grand Theft Auto IV delay. Although Take Two's vague comments about "technical challenges" make it tempting to lay the blame on the newer hardware, Croal makes a good case for why it probably isn't a PlayStation 3 issue

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krackchap3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

rockstar knows that ps3 is still their loyal fanbase,if 50mill $$ cannot get microsoft exclusivity or even timed exclusivity,its easy to say hat rockstar knows who their core fans are.
also how can the ps3 hardware be a problem,
HDD in every ps3-check
HD bluray drive-check
more processing power- check
if companies like rockstar run into trouble saying the ps3 is hard to program for then they shd get out of the business and see what rookie devs of ninja theory and guerilla are doing

peksi3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

That "check" thing made me smile :) I'm a strange person anyway...

strange personality: check
my post out of topic: check
more bubbles for me: failed

WaggleLOL3918d ago

It is funny in a pathetic way if you look at Microsoft and Rockstar.

Microsoft pays 50 million for some extra mission in GTA IV
They brag about it to everyone as one of their big games for Christmas
Rockstar announces their next big franchise will be PS3 exclusive.
Rockstar announces, in addition, that LA Noir is a PS3 exclusive.
And then Rockstar delays GTA IV to the middle of next year.

That is so f-ing funny - except we are all stuck with a gimped to 360 level GTA IV.


Just where was GTA IV at this year’s E3 ? Hmmmmm ? It wasn’t in the Sony booth. They didn't even have a freakin' *trailer*. A fact that led many to believe Rockstar was giving Sony the cold shoulder for reasons unknown. Consider also that ALL early previews of the game were shown running on Xbox 360 consoles and that ALL screenshots were also taken from 360 builds.

Recently, a Rockstar spokesman even alluded to the problems faced when making the game run on the complex Cell processor - being clearly diplomatic - he said that the games production was still “a week or two behind” the Xbox360 version. It’s no secret that the Cell is harder to program for than the Xbox 360’s far more familiar architecture, but *COULD* it be that the Cell is so nightmarishly complicated that those 8 extra months are needed just to get to grips with it ???

1UP: Why didn't you show Grand Theft Auto IV at your press conference? Why was it not there?

Jack Tretton: Well, Dave do you want to answer that?

Dave Karraker: You want the real answer?

Dave Karraker: I'll give you the real answer. They didn't send us their video.

Dave Karraker: We requested it. We sent an e--mail out to every publisher and said send us your videos that you want put in the press conference, and they never sent it. Not much more you can say about that.

????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ???????????????????

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Marceles3917d ago

1. DVDs hold closer to 5 gb on each side

2. There's been many previous gen systems that have different format sizes. Nintendo 64 and Playstation being one example which is the reason why Final Fantasy VII was released on PS. Dreamcast's GD-ROMs held a little over 1 GB which is of course more than CD-ROMs until PS2 came out.

This generation just seems to bring the storage issue to greater heights. 2 different companies saying what gaming needs and doesn't need. So far it seems like Sony is starting to be more correct as the year ends when it comes to gaming and hardware. Microsoft seems to have their online in a much better state right now. The only difference is that Sony can easily fix their online, where to Microsoft has to keep giving hardware add-ons and telling people "well you can get this, if you WANT to get it" and trying to hide the fact that Xbox owners just has to spend money on more add-ons. But it also sounds like Xbox doesn't have a problem with releasing their Xbox 720 maybe sooner than 4-5 years.

But I really don't see what the problem would be to build in the hd-dvd format to the 360. Maybe MS wants to still try to brag that their system is soooo much cheaper than the PS3 and adding it would raise the price. Also, you would think the games would be cheaper since they are on regular DVDs. Since DVDs are backwards compatible, that would be perfect to build in the HD-DVD...but oh well. Each of the next gen systems are having their problems, it's just a race to see who will iron their problems out first.

power of Green 3918d ago

Not sure what you said but the PS3 has a track record of causing problems which nothing you mentioned above had anything to do with any of the other problems.

Not saying PS3 caused anything I actually think they "bit off more than they can chew" and many factors from both consoles could be causing the problem(s).

Its wasn't the 360 version that was announced being behind the 360 version a few das ago it was the other way around, has anybody ever seen the PS3 verion of GTA4?.

WaggleLOL3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

The 360 is a turd of a console. We should all have sympathy for the poor Rockstar engineers who are now killing themselves to get GTA IV out the door for such a crappy system.

The 360 is the first console EVER to actually have LESS storage space compared to a previous generation. The 360's old DVD drive can only store 3.5 gigs on single layer and 7 gigs on dual discs.

Since there is a large seek penalty when reading across layers, about 100 ms, free roaming games like GTA end up having to keep all the game data on one layer. So what that means is Rockstar right now is faced with having to cram the entire GTA game into 3.5 gigs of space.

That is so pathetic and sad.

BluRay discs are 25 gigs for single layer and 50 gigs for dual layer. PC games of course can install to 5,10,20 gigs to a person's harddrive.

And since the idiots at Microsoft made the Core 360, aka Retard Pack, Rockstar can't make the game require installing a bunch of data to a harddrive.

Microsoft's crappy console is ruining each and every single gamers next gen experience. They are like the idiot who can't hold their bladder in a public pool and ruining it for everyone else.

Just look at the amazing cities in Lair the insane amount of stuff going on and look at the joke engine and detail the GTA IV looks like right now and realize that you could be playing a GTA game with 25 gigs of game data and Lair levels of graphics and detail if the idiots up in Redmond weren't passing out tens of millions of dollars to gimp next gen games.

thereapersson3918d ago

One of the first posts that i've seen from you in a while that wasn't completely one-sided against Sony.

Nicosia3918d ago

Man why is every discussion starting the x360 and PS3?. We all know delays are somethings that just happens. Everybody just wants to nitpick and blame anything.

Rattles3918d ago

now your someone that deserves some bubbles

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