Developer Interview: Eat Them! sits down with Ana Kronschnabl, FluffyLogic CEO, to talk shop about their recently announced PSN title: Eat Them!

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Cajun Chicken2993d ago

Oh! It's THIS game! This looks totally awesome. Looks like release much later in the year though.

cellypower2993d ago

Yea its looks really cool.

Silly gameAr2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Damn, winter of this year huh? I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Need a new Destroy All Monsters game too.

In fact, we need a current gen full fledged Godzilla game.

akiraburn2993d ago

I didn't know a thing about this game until this article. Many thanks to the writer, because this game definitely grabs my interest, and a lot of the aspects look very fun.

Baltis2993d ago

Looks like a great concept (throw back to, King of Monsters & War of Monsters games) but it looked a bit sluggish to me. I dig the concept, though.

Axecution2993d ago

Reminds me of Blast Corps back on the N64. :D
I'll most likely be getting this.

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