GGTL Exclusive Video: FIFA 11 Presentation With Full Change List (feat. Peter Moore and Dave Rutter)

[email protected] | "That's it - the World Cup is over, and the Spanish people have a shiny new trophy to bring home and show the younglings. Congratulations, hombres. Now that the excitement of the tournament is over, die-hard football/soccer fans will begin looking forward four long years into the future, towards a time when the doors are opened at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and their country will have yet another chance to bring home the most coveted prize of their sport. In the meantime, I expect they'll be playing a hell of a lot of video games."

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seij5552901d ago

Yup, each year they make great improvements. Hopefully there won't be any game breaking issues like the halfway goal and chipping in 09 and the ping pong in 10.

Valay2901d ago

FIFA 11 should be pretty good!

GiantJedi2900d ago

It seems like Fifa just gets better every year, I wish Ea would make imporvments to Madden. -_-