Are there any new ideas? Is gaming lacking originality?

Are original, innovative games a thing of the past? Megabits looks at whether games developers play it a little too safe nowadays, sticking with a tried and tested formula rather than actually doing something new!

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ClownBelt3051d ago

No. Journalism lacks originality.

lociefer3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

so reviewrs / ^^game journalists^^ r expecting every new game built to have new ideas or else it fails ? well i got news for u , your the ones who fail

Double Toasted3051d ago

I find it somewhat ironic the person first chooses a shooter for their reference. They seem to consider having a cover system as being non-imaginative. Thats fine, but I look at it as a necessity. Who here isn't going to take cover if being shot at in real life? Everyone will hit the deck when they here gun shots unexpectedly. Marcus just happens to be trained to take a defensive cover as opposed to a face down cowardice resort. Not all games with a cover system has it as their main game play mechanic like Gears, which is somewhat of a shame, I know, but Gears still holds the bar for that mechanic. Gears 2 holds it, anyway. Until other games adopt the "go into cover-change your mind don't go into cover" type of system Gears will continue to hold that bar. Its perfect...

I'm not bashing the writer, I'm just addressing something they wrote. I like the article btw.

ShinMaster3051d ago

Gears doesn't hold the bar for the cover mechanic.

Cliff Bleszinski said himself that Uncharted influenced Gears of War 2's improved cover system back in 2008. Which goes to show that gears wasn't the best with that mechanic.
Then in 2009, Uncharted 2 was released with an even better and more flexible use of the cover system.
Hope Gears 3's cover systems stays as good or improve a bit.

plumber153050d ago

AND YET when you have a game like LBP there not any orignality

webeblazing3050d ago

i dont get this new idea thing. we didnt have anything new since 10 yrs we need variety cause everybody make games in one genre is a death wish and gets boring

Lich1203050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )


I'm not sure I can agree there. Not about cliff stating it was used for reference, but the way the camera is implemented in Uncharted is much looser than gears (in gears you can never look at the camera) which I think lends to tighter feeling shoot outs. Of course, the Uncharted style camera works much better for platforming and displaying environmental objects (spike traps etc.). I don't think anyone did it better, rather they had to pick the camera scheme which worked best for their game. However, personally I found the competitive Gunplay (not the campaign but in multiplayer) in Uncharted 2 a little loose for my taste.

On Topic, I think people forget how little innovation their were in titles a long time ago. Now we have tons of indie games that offer all sorts of creative outlets. Sure the blockbuster titles are kinda cookie cutter, but thats why they're blockbuster titles. Just like hollywood.

Shepherd 2143050d ago

The only i have heard about Uncharted influencing Gears of War 2's cover system is that Cliff himself said they included the control scheme of Uncharted to cater to those not warming up to the default scheme. Ive never seen anything other than that.

Also Gears didnt make the cover system, but save for a couple exceptions, Gears is one of the best example of the cover system and helped make cover more mainstream in the current gen.

I dont much like the cover system in general though. If you think about it you shouldnt go into cover and be able to clearly see everything without the character actually peaking out himself. But they are still very fun.

ExplosionSauce3050d ago

When the camera is fixed behind a character...wouldn't that lead to strafing? Which is ok in games, but still kind of unrealistic.

I like the flexibility of the camera in Uncharted. Being able to look back at the camera helps with running away when needed.
Although when you aim and shoot, you don't look at the camera, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Lich1203050d ago


I agree, strafing happens a lot more in games than it would in real life. I can't say I really have a problem with it though as I always felt it was a substitute for the inability to look one direction while running another. Since in real life we don't always run the same direction we are looking.

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Donny3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

quantic dreams are making truly ORIGINAL GAMES. check out heavy rain, its brilliant!

why the dissagrees? did you dissagree that the game was brilliant? if so tell me why, or tell me why. your pissing me off.

frjoethesecond3051d ago

I don't get it either. Heavy rain was fantastic and a new idea.

SeanRL3051d ago

It's just the stealth trolls coming out from under their bridge. Just let them have their fun.

Jaces3050d ago

We need more Icos, Shadow of the Colossus's, and Okami's this gen.

That's what springs to mind when I hear "original games".

pippoppow3051d ago

For the most part it's true. There are less genres than previous gens and less original content. Too many safe games like shooters, racers, sports and similar open world type games. But then the masses it it up so I guess it's a good business move.

Good to read articles that point out a truth. What is successful gets beaten to death, stifling creativity. It's easy money after all.

It seems like most of the time Devs make games that are simple because they think gamers will become confused. Insulting actually.

Yes there are Devs that veer from thje norm but they are unfortunately few.

jessupj3050d ago

Actually it's the casuals they think they might confuse, which is true to be honest. Almost all games now are catered for the skilless masses, your hand is held from begining to end. I honestly think casuals have almost ruined this generation and will continue to ruin my favourite hobby.

aviator1893051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

As long as any game is fun and has a good story that will last me a while, I'm in.
And these "lacking-originality" ; articles are getting pretty lame too.

Quagmire3051d ago

Was Uncharted original? No. Was it good? Fuck no, it was Brilliant!

You dont need originality to make a good game, just making sure everything works together, makes a great game.

T9X693051d ago

Was Uncharted 2 good? Yes. Was it brilliant? IMO No, it was just a good game.

deadreckoning6663051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

"lol It was brilliant"

The multiplayer is brilliant....for a third person shooter. The SP was a great experience, but it I wouldn't play it over and over again. Batman AA has more replayability single playerwise IMO.

bjornbear3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

U2 is brilliant, whether you enjoyed it or not, in game design terms, as a game looking at it objectively, its absolutely phenomenal.

You don't need to like something to be able to appreciate its craftsmanship.

Spenok3050d ago

The game was absolutly fucking amazing. I dont know what you were smoking when you played it. But it must have been something that made you forget it.

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mac4u103051d ago

Uncharted 2 still blows me away till this day, just the cinematic alone is mind blowing!

SoSLy3051d ago

One of the best games... Original story as well but they did took some notes on Indiana Jones movies and Lara Croft

omi25p3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

every single genre type has been done, every single possible form of a certain genre has been done, every story type has been done every form of gameplay has been done games will forever be samey the differents is how it runs ECT call of duty vs battlefield both modern first person shooters, both completely different.

grand theft auto vs saints row both free roaming 3rd person shooters based around crime. Both completely different.

NecrumSlavery3050d ago

oddworld is original. it's only borrow is from lemmings, but it was the first to have console voice speakcommands, full control in possessions, seemless cinematic screen transitions, industry vs mysticism theme, fork in the road pacing, good evil endings, and multiplane distance in its puzzle/platform glory. I'm a classic oddworld fanboy btw

jessupj3050d ago

I still think the first 2 Oddworld games are the best games in the history of gaming. I know it sounds corny and cliche'ish but there was honestly something magical about those games. I've never felt more immersed. You totally believed this world actually existed.

instrumentalist3050d ago

Oddworld fanboy reporting in :)

theonlylolking3051d ago

The younger gamers that I have talked to have many ideas. Its just that the same people that have been doing those jobs for years have run out of ideas.

The new generation of devs will have new ideas and we will get new games again.

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