Trailer for DeathSpank features epic weapons like the 'Empty Bucket'
"HotHead Games's DeathSpank is what happens when you cross the weapon and item collecting of Diablo with the twisted humor of Monkey Island. As a result, you get items named "Unicorn Poop", "Gilded Boots of Bling" and "Orphan Bag"."

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Queasy3080d ago

The more I see of this game the more I want to try it out.

Quagmire3080d ago

The Voice of DeathSpank reminds me of this guy:

rdgneoz33080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Same voice actor probably.

Edit: Dear god, "Orphan Bag" - This bag is used for storing orphans and their empty dreams...

tiamat53080d ago

Sounds exactly like Captain Quark. He even says the same nonsensical cheesy lines .

Forbidden_Darkness3080d ago

I'll defiently keep my eye on this game, looks funny and fun as hell

hatchimatchi3080d ago

lol, empty bucket.

this game looks cool

Folezicle3080d ago

Loved Monkey Island Special Edition, I think I will get this too, I got a soft spot for Diablo too