An Overview of PlayStation Move: Can it Reach Success?

Many people are now well aware of motion control gaming due to Nintendo's success with the Nintendo Wii. This is causing many companies to want get a piece of that pie. Microsoft and Sony are prime examples of this. Sony's motion control technology is called the PlayStation Move and Sony has been demonstrating it for about a year now. Just recently Sony got to show off a lot about it.

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Nike2900d ago

Yes. No. I don't know. Maybe.

Now can we please stop with these retarded articles. D:

Tony-A2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

In Soviet Russia, article stops YOU!

Shang-Long2900d ago

truth be told it can be. the more i see of it the more i would like to have it. im not gonna lie. and i disliked the Wii for a long until.

up until mario kart and basketball on Wii resort. after those two, i started to think differently about it. then the move was announced for the ps3 which does the same thing but adds a little more to it, plus it in HD and i can play it with my hardcore games. it really can be successful.

T9X692900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

These articles will never stop because of this

EDIT: No that avatar is a representation of how angry the fanboys on this site get. Thanks for your concern though.

@cool cole - Na I aint crying, just by me posting that picture is getting you fanboys so worked up. Its fucking hilarious how upset you guys get over nothing.

Jaces2900d ago

Your PSN profile pic seems to fit you, always angry at the world.

Anyway I think it'll have a good head start since Kinect is coming to retail a little later. No competition really so I believe more people will warm up to MOVE seeing what it's fully capable of and not JUST some wii wanabe.


dustgavin2900d ago

"Its fucking hilarious how upset you guys get over nothing."

Says the 360 fanboy crying in Ps3 articles.

HolyOrangeCows2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Yeah, people being obsessed about PS3 FANBOIS is a part of the problem.
Good point.

So you carry your "ZOMG PSTREE FANBOIS ON NAG" obsession everywhere, then? Discuss it at weddings, maybe?

Boody-Bandit2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

That had me dying!
That is how I picture so many members on here.
All they do is bitch and moan over everything.

No T9X69 N4G = 95% bias, 50% trolls, 45% fanatics and 5% real gamers.
No one is better or worse than the other. All trolls and fanboys are equally pathetic. BTW way to show your level of maturity with such a sorry picture. You take this nonsense to such an extreme to take the time to write that in your comment section on PSN, snap a photo, upload it and then link it to N4G? Man that is simply pathetic.

Hit disagree until your keyboard breaks or your little digits get sore. The nonsense on this site makes me laugh my ass off. I always hit this site before I go to bed. They say go to bed happy and this place is always good for a laugh.

cereal_killa2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Brutallyhonest your name and your comment go perfectly together +bubs, and it's the truth it's pathetic how many Muppet's on here take this crap so seriously people can have the right to there own opinion but stop spreading your cry baby lies and just enjoy playing games instead of trying to take over Micheal Patchers job. More and more every day I see these joke blogs get approved about whos better than who or will this sell better than the other only to start the fanboys a running to there PCs and play super Muppet on N4G. I've yet to understand how one could own a console that all they do is bash day in and day out why would someone waste there hard earned money on something they have no interest in playing in the 1st place why so you can come on here and think your a gamer because you own both systems GTFO M$ may have put out a unreliable machine but they still have some great games on it same with the PS3 Sony had it's faults with price and stuff but you can't deny some of the great games they keep pumping out year after year seriously it seems more people care more about Sales and the failure of the other systems than the real meaning of the gaming console PLAYING THE GAMES

Rainstorm812900d ago

bubbles ceral-killer

All too often do the real gamers have to argue with these internet make-believe gamers, that probably never play games.

I joined this site when it was a 360 fanboy cesspool, it isnt any better now that its a PS3 fanboy cesspool.

You fanboys need a site to call home unfortunatly, you guys are currently renting out N4G.


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Donny2900d ago buyin it.

Quagmire2900d ago

If Sony has convinced me to already preorder it, then I believe thats a success.

nikkisixx22900d ago

Same here, it has amazing support for it and it's not even out yet. I like the Wii and I like the multiplatform games coming out for it.

Spenok2899d ago

I'm right there with you. It will be one for sure. Just how much of a success is anyone's guess.

tiamat52900d ago

I trust Sony to make a solid peripheral so I trust that they know what they are doing.

Fatal Blow2900d ago

Yes it will be successful i cant wait to play socom 4 with playstation move i have all ready pre ordered it

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