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Gamekult writes : "To the question "What does it take to make a great Japanese RPG? ", the possible answers are many. The last proposed by Monolith Software is called Xenoblade."

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kesvalk3050d ago

i thought this game would get a 6.5, you guys need to relearn to read scores...

na-no-nai3050d ago

sound great. hoping it come to the U.S.

disturbing_flame3050d ago

On gamekult, 8, is a really great score, no game had a 10, so it's like you can rate on 9.

ebgeer3050d ago

any game that takes an 8 is worth taking a look at...i think everyone is always expecting games to get 9 and 10s...and if not they arent worth looking at...if thats your are missing out on a lot...most of the 6/7 games are worthwhile...6 is probably the lowest I would go..but this game looks great...definitely checkin it out when it comes out