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Submitted by halocursed 2051d ago | news

Hackers remove the Xbox 360's 30ms ping limit for System Link

gameranx writes, "With 30ms ping limit removed, hacked Xbox 360s can connect via the internet using Xlink Kai" (Xbox 360)

Agent Smith  +   2051d ago
"Xlink Kai"
pixelsword  +   2051d ago
Our feet are da same!
AAACE5  +   2051d ago
It's a sad thing when people on this site will look for anything to bash about the 360! I detect some serious hate here! Let's talk about this... Would you like a couch to lie down? How was your relationship with your mother? Did she spank you with a green belt and you believed you saw a red ring in her eyes while she was doing it?

Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this? I charge by the hour by the way...
Ziriux  +   2051d ago
Haxzors are smart.
StillGray  +   2051d ago
It was only a matter of time.
rezzah  +   2051d ago
Only on Xbox 360?
nikkisixx2  +   2051d ago
It only does hacks.

(im not a fanboy, but i had to say it)
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jjesso1993  +   2051d ago
the wii is lot more hackable 360 dose not have custom made games ect only back up games and old 360 can run off hDD called jtag theres really not big scene if would nicer have custom games and pirate store.
Gawdl3y  +   2051d ago
Oh, you have no idea, do you? A JTAG lets you run unsigned code on your 360.
Don't believe me?
jjesso1993  +   2051d ago
Gawdl3y did not know but is theres custom games or store like homebrew channel on wii ? i have jtag machine thought it was only good for running games my hdd.
YourFlyness  +   2051d ago
Modbots will be the death of the Microsoft Gaming Division
R2D2  +   2051d ago
No thank you hackers
I got banned the last time and I am making sure that my shiny 360s stays connected to live this time around. Plus Black Ops and Halo Reach is right around the corner and knowing MS they will unleash the ban hammer once again.

You pricks who disagreed with me care to reply as why you disagreed with me?
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Jake360  +   2051d ago
Because you'll be playing Halo Reach i guess. Oh, and maybe for some reason people don't like the fact you used hacks previously.
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Mantiz  +   2051d ago
This Hack is for people who already have Hacked Boxes so clearly if they are hacked and not bricked these people are not getting on xbox live and do not plan to, this is an option for people who never intend to use Live and just want to play games with anyone they want for free
R2D2  +   2051d ago
I just read it and this is something I might look into. I wonder how big the community is - any thing to save a $ these days.
SuperStrokey1123  +   2051d ago
Can some please clarify what this means? I thought hacked consoles could got on live anyways but would just get banned eventually?
YourFlyness  +   2051d ago
Free online play with other Hackers
sikbeta  +   2051d ago
So, They can create a "pirate Community" in which they can actually Play On-line, but they need to pay for xbl anyways, or I totally missed the point, just asking cos I don't know...
spandexxking  +   2051d ago
lol, Imagine if they made their own version of the marketplace but you download pirate copies instead.
lzim  +   2051d ago
for games that have system link, you connect your Xbox to a computer (or if they run it from the console) a program called Xlink Kai, it will let you connect to other consoles using system link instead of Xbox Live to play games over the internet. Currently you're not able to use system link to connect to people over the internet unless you mod your console and apply this hack and use Xlink Kai to make system link connections over the internet.
NikoleSmash  +   2051d ago
Won't this get your Xbox banned if you're caught?
lzim  +   2051d ago
if only because you mod your console maybe. But they aren't connecting to Xbox Live so there shouldn't be anny detection of system link connections over the internet.

it is much better this way since Live should have been for other things not just raping people for simple online play.

problem is some games don't offer system link (some because they know Xlink Kai lets you bypass Xbox Live).
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lzim  +   2051d ago
which hopefully means they will tunnel with each other and stay off of Live.
rpgenius420  +   2051d ago
Ok why does it matter if they are on live or not? Just because they have hacked xboxes does not mean they can apply hacks to online games. Awww do you wish you had a hacked system.
Nodoze  +   2051d ago
Why don't publishers pay more attention to this?
to the fact that the 360 is WIDE open. I wonder how many of those millions of consoles (those that are still operational) are hacked? In my circle it is close to 100%. Hacked firmware and downloaded games abound. Cheap, easy, and free.

Meanwhile the PS3 sits at 0%. It has been hacked but nothing substantial. Even if it is hacked soon, who has the coin for Bluray backup copies?
rpgenius420  +   2051d ago
I do! It really won't cost that much.
maverick1191  +   2051d ago
yes but do you think your ISP will let you download 3gb+ of games every week?

most games are 2gb+ now and with todays internet you wont be playing that game for a couple of hours at least
ExcessiveGBH  +   2051d ago
Blu Ray disc price has drop considerably in the last 12 months.
Nodoze  +   2051d ago
I just checked and you are right. I would dare even say they are now affordable.

35 bucks for 25 discs is not bad at all. I am sure there are even cheaper offerings out there.
neoandrew  +   2051d ago
Who says it would need a bluray disk, it could be iso, it doesn't matter if it would be hacked like xbox 360 with xbr or freeboot...

"In my circle it is close to 100%" - sure, FANBOY...

"Meanwhile the PS3 sits at 0%", u know it is just such true... man, meanwhile xbox 360 division with close to 100% hacked consoles still earns lots of money, much more than 0% hacked ps3 and that are FACTS.
Nodoze  +   2051d ago
What are you saying?
Do you doubt that most of my friends have hacked 360's? The fact is they purchased the console because it had been exploited. There is no Fanboy here, that is reality.

Point me to a working hack for the PS3 that let's you play iso's/rips/etc..I will wait for the link. It may take you some time though as no such exploit exists today. Additionally at no point did I say that 100% of the Xbox 360 install base are running exploited consoles, although I would guestimate that the number is pretty high.

Check any torrent site/usenet etc...every Xbox 360 game made is posted for the taking. Now try looking for PS3 titles. Not saying they are not posted, but the number is so minimal what is the point?

My question was around whether publishers consider this when selecting platforms. 360 games sell the charts prove this, but how much more would they sell if the system was not exploited?

Think about that.
neoandrew  +   2051d ago
Ok u didn't say close to 100% of install base, my bad but "Even if it is hacked soon" - so i just want to tell u if it will be hacked soon it will not require an bluray disc just iso - so your bluray disc cost point is not important, i'm just fallow your reasoning way 'even if' so this "Point me to a working hack for the PS3 that let's you play iso's/rips/etc..I will wait for the link" - is lame if you have used an 'even if' guessing, so i'm doing it the same way u did.
"but how much more would they sell if the system was not exploited" - another 'even if' - u will never find that out and the point is that a discussion in the 'even if, what would be if' way is pointless.
rpgenius420  +   2051d ago
This is mainly for people with jtaged 360's.
bujide   2051d ago | Spam
NEWSWATCHERS  +   2051d ago
To Jtag your console

You must have the following

A console with Version 7371, but starting with Dashboard-Version 8xxx it isn't possible anymore.

And thats a small amount of consoles who didnt update, may seem big but I belive only there are only about 100,000 Jtag Consoles and I talked to and they said Microsoft is looking into Jtagers so Microsoft knows more then them and can stop this :)
pixelsword  +   2051d ago
I wonder if they will have dedicated servers.
nefertis  +   2051d ago
damn that was quick lol
miacosa  +   2051d ago
Very Cool
for people that don't really care about Xbox Live and just want to play multilayer without paying for it. I'm sure these people are already pirating games anyway and don't care.
sgw_dec0y  +   2051d ago
I loved XBConnect back in the day. I played A LOT of halo 2 and using this tunneling program we were able to have lag free games and also boot hackers/cheaters out without having to deal with LiVE. It was a great system for clans and tournaments.
COINTELPRO  +   2051d ago
Today is the happiest day of my life.
Excalibur  +   2050d ago
And when you get banned
Don't cry like a little girl.

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