The Bitmob E3 2010 Non-Award Awards

Bitmob: "We don't do things traditional-like here at Bitmob -- you'll only find unique editorial here (uh...forget about this for a moment). So that's why we're continuing the tradition of our Non-Award Awards -- this time, for E3 2010.

What are the Bitmob Non-Award Awards? They're impossible to describe since...well, they don't necessarily make any sense or have any rhyme or reason to them. If the staff feels something...anything...needs recognition from our giant annual trade show, good or bad, we'll take care of it right here. (You guys in the community get in on the action on the last page, too, by the way.)

OK, enough talk about nothing. Let's get on with it!"

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TheLancer2946d ago

Hilariously irrelevant! Or maybe too relevant?

Gungnir2946d ago

I like these better than actual awards.

Tolkoto2946d ago

Virtue is it's own non-award.

Sadie21002946d ago

I totally agree on that Old Republic video. What the heck were they trying to sell us??