Microsoft: My Ware Bad, My Ware Hood, My Ware Do Stuff That Your Ware Wish It Could

Ripten writes: "When asked how he felt Microsoft did at E3 in relation to their competition, Microsoft's Director of Platform Marketing for Xbox first played it off with a bit of humor, saying “Oh, we were terrible. [laughs]” He then immediately tilted his playa hat to the side, drooped his pants, and took us all for a cruise down to the intersection of So-So Sony Street and Nintendo Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Us Boulevard..."

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SOAD2942d ago

"and even though there were rumors about the new [Xbox 360] console, nobody had seen anything before we announced it that day."

No, I saw it on this site the day before. Remember when that kid recorded the flash ad on the Italian 360 site?

FrankDaTank2942d ago

agree 100%. sometimes i wonder if these execs even look at the internet.

Sheikh Yerbouti2942d ago

And ruin their pipe dream...?

Donny2942d ago

on topic, soad yes i remember that very distinctive.

Blaze9292942d ago

title fails hard. Ludacris? smh

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The story is too old to be commented.