MMOHub: 5 Reasons Why Aion Failed

Not so long ago, in happier times, in September of 2009, NCSoft released Aion in North America and Europe. It got more than a few good reviews. gave it an 8.7 out of 10. They said, “Aion is probably one of the most polished freshly-released MMOs I've ever seen...” IGN gave it 8.5. G4TV said it was “luscious-looking.”

Aion was the biggest MMO release of 2009, selling 450,000 copies before release and nearly one million copies within two months of release. Aion had beautiful, anime-inspired graphics. The character creation was arguably the best in gaming. Players loved the flying and the combat. The game was a hit.

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All the Aion servers got shut down? News to me.

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He said 12 became 4 :)