Kombo: For a single guy w/ all consoles: Motion Plus is cheapest, Kinect most expensive

Kombo writes: "A lot of hardcore gamers (aka: awesome dudes) want to get their waggle on. For this chart we've made a few assumptions. The hardcore gamer bought all three consoles at launch and has waited until this moment to make a decision on which motion controller he would settle on.

To help guys like that decide we've put together another chart that will compare the cost of Wii Motion Plus, Kinect, and Move controllers."

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deadreckoning6662946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I like how the guy doesn't include the Navigation Controller for Move. Nor does he include the 2nd Move controller needed to play certain Move games in the future. While you don't need the Nav controller..its required if you want to have the BEST experience. The point of the article is to figure out how much it will cost for a single person to have the "BEST waggle" experience.

LOL, did he just compare Sports Champions to a random $50 sports game????

"The best experience for which games? Ones that don't use it yet?"

Ur gunna want the nav controller if you want to have the best experience with Socom 4 on the Move...unless ur a chimpanzee and ur hands are big enough to hold the DS3 in a way thats awkard and uncomfortable for humans. If the DS3 was the best option...the Nav controller would't have been created.

Also, u NEED a 2nd motion controller to play the Fight: Lights Out. You might not get it at launch, but if ur devoted to Playstation Move...ur gunna want that second controller at some point since more and more games will require two Move controllers as time goes on.

"And Sports Champions seems on par with Wii Sports."

I agree..but how is Sports Champions/Wii Sports being compared to some random $50 sports game.

joeyda2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

The best experience for which games? Ones that don't use it yet?

And Sports Champions seems on par with Wii Sports.

HolyOrangeCows2946d ago

"Nor does he include the 2nd Move controller needed to play certain Move games in the future" expect people to buy a second controller for nothing because there will be titles in after the launch date that require it? Sorry, buddy, the initial price for move is still $90. And even with the second, it would be cheaper than the current estimated Kinect price.

And if the SIXAXIS/DS3 is too heavy for your dainty hands, cry about it.

JeffGrubb2946d ago

You can use a Dual Shock controller, which I'm sure most "awesome dudes" would be totally ok with.

Also, Kinect sports isn't a random sports game, it is the equivalent to Sports Champions and Wii Sports/Resort.

Tony-A2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Even with the $100 Move bundle, a Nav and another Move, Kinect would still be the most expensive....??

Even more, he's detailing one game each, with the Move's being SC and Kinect being Kinect Sports. SC doesn't need another Move or Nav. Works with one.

"I agree..but how is Sports Champions/Wii Sports being compared to some random $50 sports game."

MS is promoting KS as the Wii Sports of Kinect. Obviously they're not saying that, but it's Sports, Sports, Sports. How is that random?

joeyda2946d ago

The edit button like quadrupled the length of your comment...

blue7xx72946d ago

I'm not sure yet but doesn't Kinect also have a game included with it. I saw a story here in N4G that said it does a few weeks ago.

dtalon32946d ago

I am pretty sure kinect doesn't even have a price yet so this whole article is pointless...unless you just want to compare wii and move (aside from the fact that the d-bag who wrote the article didnt include the navigation controller)

shwiggity2946d ago

first you xbox fanboys complain about the dualshock being too small, now all of a sudden you need "chimpanzee hands" to hold the thing, your arguments fail bud

XactGamer2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

It cost $180+ for the full Move experience and we still don't have a price for Kinect to compare. For motion controls right now Wii is still the best option.

beardpapa2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I disagree. The whole point of this motion-control battle is for 1:1. You only need to demonstrate 1:1 motion control using the Move controller, and in the case of the Wii you'd need the Motion+. This motion-control war has never been about how many people you can invite to your next Mario Party event, or how many Move controllers you'd need to play Sports Champion.

You might as well say the gamecube was the most expensive console ever because for the "best" experience, you'd need 4 GBA-to-GC cables, 4 GBAs, a GC, and the FF Crystal Chronicle game. Now all of a sudden, instead of arguing about which motion control has 1:1, the media is bringing up which is the cheapest with all the necessary accessories? Might as well put in those cheapo-plastic steering wheel accessories too. F#cked up if you ask me.

vhero2946d ago

I like how you fanboys are trying to push up the price of move to justify the price of Kinect. Insecure much?

Kill Crow2946d ago

That graphic excludes a few things worth noting.

Once you buy the Kinect, you have all the pieces. So let's go the next step for the single guy. He wants to play Child of Eden on his Kinect - he just buys the game. But he wants to play the brawler game on Move. He has to go out and buy *another* Move wand for $49, bringing it up to $150. Then he wants to play Sorcery. He needs a Navigational Sub Controller or whatever at $29 which is not included in the 99 package as far as I know. While you can use the DS3 as a Nav controller, it's unwieldy and uncomfortable to hold a two-hand controller one-handed.

Theonik2946d ago

Take a dualshock and hold it sideways on your hand with the thumb on the analogue stick and your index on the top triggers not uncomfortable at all...

morganfell2946d ago

He did say single guys which was to say solo players. If you want to bring up the second Move controller when not every game requires it then we should also consider that some Kinect features do not function without Live Gold membership.

The difference of course is that you buy a second move controller one time yet you must buy Live every year.

Hmmm, what would 4 years of Live get you in terms of Move controllers....

SixZeroFour2946d ago

the one thing i learned in physics was that, when comparing objects, both sides must be this case, if you are trying to compare the motion controls, then you have to have it come out as $/person

seeing as how kinect can handle ATLEAST 2 ppl and a max of 4 ppl, you have to find its value for one person, which is approx $38-75 including the game would come to about $88-125 (still most expensive IF the max is 2 players per kinect/console, equal to move at 3 players and cheaper than move if 4 players max)

however, as the article also mentioned, you have to note that the final price and bundle hasnt even been confirmed or denied yet, so comparisons like this is utterly pointless

Theonik2946d ago

Microsoft's official store has now listed kinect at 150$.

callahan092946d ago

The second Move controller may be required for the BEST experience in some games. I mean, it's never required, according to the Sony, at least not for any of the launch games (some games in the future may be programmed with the requirement, but as of now, none REQUIRE it). But I would much rather play Sports Champions, for instance, with two instead of one. The nav controller, though? For me personally, it's completely unnecessary. Come on, guys, don't you use the controller one-handed? I do it all the time, like if I'm eating while playing the game, or talking on the phon, or really during a lot of different moments in a game. If I'm doing stuff that only requires one of my hands, I often hold the controller with just that hand. I dunno. It's always been natural to me to hold the controller in my left hand and walk around in the game with the left thumb-stick. I mean, the nav controller is certainly going to be more comfortable for longer sessions, but I can personally use the controller in one hand with no troubles.

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Donny2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

good article expects dissagrees from this xbox fanboy following me.

Bathyj2946d ago

I have a camera and a DS3 so move would be very cheap for me.

Rainstorm812946d ago

me too i have the PS eye and DS3 but it all comes down to what games i have if i need extra move wands

SolidSystem2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

40 for camera
30 for nave (sorry low balled that one, its 30 not 20)
50 each move controller

so 100 in move controllers (you need 2 move for boxing and other games they have showed)
40 for the camera

that is your minimum to play every move game as a single guy.

140 dollars. really close to kinect huh?

add in 20 for navigation if you dont want to use the DS3 in 1 hand.

both are in the same price range. stop this fanboy bs.

bviperz2946d ago

I've been saying for a while that it's all about the games.

SolidSystem2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

have the balls to bring a counter argument. everything i have listed is fact and might be off in the pricing of the camera and nav controller a bit.

its not my fault if you gamers cant do math.

@BViperz glad you have an IQ higher than the average joe on this site. I'm getting both because i believe in both, and like both. I want to see great games and not miss out on a thing. its why i have a 360 slim next to my ps3 slim, next to my black wii.

vhero2946d ago

The thing about move is you dont have to buy both controllers at once. At no point are you forced to buy them both as most games will allow one with a dualshock. I don't know about you buy buying my controllers seperate over time is a lot more acceptable than a big lump sum of 150 (which is the price of a console!) for an accessory. No Single accesory should be the price of a console no matter what it does.

beardpapa2946d ago

You can get the eye for cheaper on amazon.

Biggest2946d ago

We aren't here to shop like informed consumers. This is all about making the other console look bad. The way I see it is:

The Kinect costs well over $12,000. You factor in the probable $150 price tag, the $50-$60 game, and the $11,900 doctor bill when the excessive jumping around kills your grandmother.

jneul2946d ago

nice bias you can save a whole load of money by getting the starter kit and then and any extra controllers if you want them, so in the uk I will be getting the £50 starter kit(1X camera, 1xmove, 1xgame) + 1xmove which will cost me £85, then I can pass the controller around until I can afford more controllers(for party play):P:P

lelo2play2946d ago


Congrats... you have one the few comments that makes sense in all of these comments.

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I Play Games2946d ago

If you are single...and have no friends

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