Learn to Handle PS3 Problems by Yourself

If you’re a serious PlayStation 3 gamer, you’ve undoubtedly run into some frustrating PS3 problems. Everyone does at some time. When you encounter PS3 problems, you have to make a choice. Do I pay to have it serviced or do I fix it for myself? It’s up to you to gather enough about the PS3 system so that you can perform basic troubleshooting determine whether the repairs can be made by you or must be sent out to experts.

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Dramscus2948d ago

This even extends to the DS3 controllers. They come apart very easily. I've repaired and modded a couple of them.
I had one that broke, err threw at the floor. Which I repaired by purchasing a not working properly one from ebay and swapping the gut's around a bit till I had a perfect ds3 controller with a rainbow led beneath the ps button.

Broken controllers are like ten or fifteen bucks from ebay. So it's a lot cheaper than buying a 60 dollar new controller.

Dramscus2948d ago

LOL how do you disagree with that?
/logic fail

stephmhishot2948d ago

you know kids these days, they are probably upset by the idea of a rainbow LED light, cause you know, rainbows are for the gaze. smh.

pixelsword2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

For me, a blank disagree means anything from

"I disagree with your point, but for various reasons I won't/can't respond"

to the more childish (chodeish?)

"I haet you, you got the better of me b4 so I'll disagre and bubble you lolololol!" (spelling errors intentional to reflect the mental shortcomings of such a person).

So if they can't respond rationally, who cares if they disagree; that's like a child at dinner disagreeing that vegetables are good for them: having an opinion doesn't mean it's right or even worth acknowledging when the reality of the situation is that those vegetables are good for him/her and they will be eaten before that kid leaves the table.

Menech2947d ago

The PS3 does have alot of hardware issues the failure rate is terrible thanks for the info.

kunit22c2947d ago

I think menech is confusing the new Xbox 360 slim with the PS3, honest mistake I mean they did only add stuff that the PS3 already had.

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blazBlue2948d ago

Lol, people disagree for the sake of disagreeing. I just laugh at it now. It shows insecurity.

But anyway, that's cool. I would like to learn how tto fix the springs of my directional pad for the DS3. I mostly use the controller to play Blazblue but sometimes I drop my controller by mistake.

Elimin82948d ago

You go butterfingers...
What spring are you referring to? Is it the triggers spring?

blazBlue2947d ago

I mean like the regular directional pad.

Microsoft_Spokesman2947d ago

There isn't springs, there is rubber that sounds like it slipped out of place. Open it and reposition the rubber.

gtamike2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Rare for ps3s to break maybe cause Sony makes lots of products

rezzah2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Or you can buy a new controller, then send back the broken/old one and tel them that the controller is borken. They will give you a new one. So in the end you eventually get 2 new controllers for the price of one. Just hope the person you show it to isnt a bitch, usually fat snobs.

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Finally someone with brains, people should fix things themselves and stop being fat lazy people.

ElitaStorm2948d ago

If they are fat that is because they use (Xbox live)
congratulations America thanks to the Kinect you guys will be skinny again this Christmas

MGRogue20172948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

.. How did this get approved..? It's advertising/spam

"BUY THIS & FIX YOUR PS3 TODAY!!" etc.. etc.

bub162948d ago

Isnt every article on n4g advertising?

ElitaStorm2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

yes its and every time you click on the article..they earn 1$

Snakefist302948d ago

I bought a DS3 controller but isnot working try to reset it doesnt work.But it works on 3.01 update it doesnt work on 3.30 dont no Y?

theonlylolking2948d ago

The only problem I have had is freezing and that is rare.

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