PlayStation Plus: IGN's Thoughts

Since Sony announced the PlayStation Network, the company has been beating the drum that all of its online services were free. When talk of a premium PSN popped up recently, people began to freak out. They worried that the free PSN would lose services, that cross-game chat would only be available to those who paid for it, and so much more.

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Donny2915d ago

looking foward to it, great article btw ;)

FACTUAL evidence2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I will not get Plus unless they add cloud storage.

EDIT: Why?

SIR-DARK-HAZE2915d ago

ask "why" and i will tell you.

RememberThe3572915d ago

Backing up the save files that I want to keep so I don't loss them when reformatting my HDD because if a freezing issue is a horrible idea! I mean who wants to keep those save files you put hundreds of hours into anyway?

ExPresident2915d ago

So your trusting a company to hold those save files for you without worrying about them getting lost/damaged etc? Yeah, thats guaranteed not to happen. I think Cloud Storage should be an option but don't put all your eggs in one basket.

I just upgraded my PS3 HDD and had 0 issues with the backup utility or my game saves. Rock on.

Mskatrina2915d ago

sorcery looks promising n fun... not into harry potter but yeah..
and RE5 with move support, and looking forward to socom4 (which looks amazing btw)...


Faztkiller2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I'm Sold on PSN+ sounds like a good deal to me but I do have one question does the PS3 have to be online to play the games u download?

T9X692915d ago

I'm not yet, the first 2 months are to weak for my taste. Good question though, maybe since if your subscription ends you cant use the content, and I'm not sure if it will be able to detect if its active or not if your offline.

Spenok2915d ago

As far as i know they havent said you have to be online for you to play the games. But at the same time it wouldnt suprise me seeing as how all the benefits are all tied to online in some way.

KongRudi2915d ago

SCEE confirmed that with the Mini's, if you wanted to play them on your PSP, you didn't have to be online while playing.

You just needed to go online once with the PSP so it could register your PSN+ membership, and then the PSP would check the game's license against that.

I would think it's the same on the PS3-games. :-)

DJexs2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Well you can't spell ignorance without ign and some of the members certainly prove that true. It is good to see there are a few open minded ones though

Esena2915d ago

Just curious...what ones were ignorant? I thought everyone's opinion had some support behind it.

ExPresident2915d ago

On like the third page where the guy complains about it taking 30 minutes to power down the PS3. Obviously he's exaggerating but seriously? I see no point in him bringing up the power down issue which I never even remotely considered being an issue. I was baffled at reading it.

play17boy2915d ago

I said it once and I will say it again Music Streaming and Discounts/free rentals in the Movie store and I'm a yearly subscriber.

Christopher2915d ago

And you'll be paying a hell of a lot more than $50/year for free rentals in the Movie store. For even $15/month, they'll likely only let you rent one movie a month. The prices they have listed are primarily to compete with stores like iTunes and Not even Netflix can offer a unlimited digital rental service, and what they offer digitally is primarily (more than 90%) more than 20 years old.

Asking for free rentals is kind of asking for the sky, honestly.

ExPresident2915d ago

I agree here. As much as I'd love to see a movie subscription plan with PSN+ it would have to be AMAZING for me to drop my netflix plan. I pay for the 3 movies a month plan and have the PS3 Netflix disc which is awesome.

I don't think Sony could beat that deal, not right now anyway. There just isn't enough movies on the store to get me to drop Netflix currently.

Anon19742915d ago

That sounds like a deal to me. Even if I don't get to keep the games at the end of the year, who cares? I got to play multiple titles for as long as I wanted for a whole year. That's worth the price of one game to me.

I never bought Wipeout HD. I never bought a mini (and never really planned to). I always kinda wanted to try these out but never bothered. With PSN+ I get my chance.

Plus I'm a sucker for Dynamic Themes and I was already a Qore subscriber. I'll for sure at least try out PSN+ for a year and then so how it goes.

ExPresident2915d ago

Wipeout HD is easily worth the $20 they ask for it, if not a bit more. Its a full fledged game. At the end of the year just subscribe to the service again and keep all that stuff from the first year and look at all the stuff you'll continue to get in your renewed subscription.


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