GrE's Preview: Spec Ops: The Line

GrE writes, "It is always a pleasant surprise when you get more than you bargained for while looking at a game early. I came into the demonstration of Spec Ops thinking that I was going to be treated to a hybrid of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and SOCOM, so my bar was VERY LOW. In a strange twist of fate that even left me scratching my head afterward, I ended up leaving the presentation excited about the title. I guess that’s what happens when you assume things..."

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Neco5122822d ago

Spec Ops, not a huge fan. This looks decent though

DaRockSays2822d ago

I think it might actually work

bgrundman2822d ago

Big Explosions = big sales.

Neco5122822d ago

Haha, yup. That's usually case in point

CrAppleton2822d ago

What about Mercenaries 2? OH NO YOU DIDN'T! LMAO FAIL

CrAppleton2822d ago

"set the bar very low" with good reason. This looks like dog poo

DaRockSays2822d ago

Doesn't look great, but doesn't look like it's gonna be the next pile of crap either

bgrundman2822d ago

The decision engine looks to be the one thing going in its favor.

starven2822d ago

With all the high quality FPS coming out, this needs to pick it up in all aspects. I don't see this one getting to successful.

WiFi Pirate2822d ago

Can't imagine they think this will knock off the big boys of the moment aka COD and BFBC2.

iceman062822d ago

about this game. On one hand, the plot is certainly intriguing. It seems like a modern day take on The Heart Of Darkness (novel by Joseph Conrad), which was then used as source material for Apocalypse Now. But, then there is the game play aspect...which appears to be fairly common. Although, the saving grace might be those split second decisions that have to be made. I guess I will be cautiously optimistic about it until a demo appears.

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