Sega to patch Alpha Protocol, no plans for DLC

Obsidian confirmed that Alpha Protocol will in fact be receiving a patch. While talking about potential DLC for the game, Obsidian responded by saying it doesn't look likely.

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Jamegohanssj52802d ago

Lulz. That was an abomination.


morganfell2802d ago

To fix the major issues the patch will have to be about the size of a retail game. will have to be a completely new retail game.

FanboysWillHateMe2802d ago

As soon as I finished the first mission, I returned it.The combat was plain awful. Took 4-5 bullets to kills someone, and it's one of those games where the "super agent" has to rest for a few seconds before each shot because apparently these silenced pistols have the recoil of a deagle.

I applaud whoever enjoyed this game.

branchedout2802d ago

I've actually enjoyed the game. And now they're going to fix up the small little problems it had?

That's pretty awesome. but I do fear that it's a bit too late, as the gaming community read 3 reviews and followed them blindly. Anyone who's actually picked it up and played it with an open mind has found themselves enjoying it.

Christopher2802d ago

There were a crap-load of issues with the game, but it was still enjoyable. Especially once you got up in levels in some of the skills. Honestly, nothing more bad-ass than either going all stealth with ridiculous pistol skills or going all tactical with ridiculous assault rifle skills and grenades up the wazoo.

skip2mylou2802d ago

i agree the game is enjoyable if people actually tried it out

Spenok2802d ago

I havent had a chance to play it yet, but its something i wouldnt mind playing. Obsidian usually has a pretty good track record.

thisguywithhair2802d ago

Beat the game twice myself. Sent it back and now they want to patch it. I have the worst timing somethimes lol.

ArchangelMike2802d ago

I was one of those had had all the will to get Alpha protocol, and then read the poor reviews. Nah... gonna get Red Dead now instead!

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lscott452802d ago

Hopefully most of what the game needs is in that new patch, and no dlc is needed to make it better.

BeaArthur2802d ago

It's already $40 at Gamestop new. I don't think there is a patch out there that can turn a piece of crap into a good game.

Darkfocus2802d ago

that's really it's only problem other than the graphics not being that great but I can look past that.

BeaArthur2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Yeah but I've seen someone play it and the hit detection is horrid. I don't think you can get that right by patching it.

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