Today Show talk about Xbox 360 hardware problems

Loot Ninja had the Today Show on this morning, for God only knows what reason. They had a segment on about video games, again, who knows why.

The interesting part of the segment is that their "tech guru" warned consumers that Xbox 360 had massive hardware problems. He let everyone know that Microsoft issued a 3 year warranty extension amounting to $1 billion. The "tech guru" indicated that is is the same as a recall without the legal issues surrounding an actual recall. Microsoft would not confirm to him what is causing the hardware problems.

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fiercescuba3887d ago

The day that the Today show will have any kind of decision making process in my life will be a sad, sad one.

jromao3887d ago

That guy speak the truth, it hurts ? Consumers have the right to get correctly informed about any issue.

sonarus3887d ago

daily show won't affect the desicions you make in your life but think about the unaware gaming population. I still believe msoft needs to go for a recall. Yes it will hurt them bad but it really is the right thing to do.

gapzi11a3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

This article says it all:

"Sony, NBC strike deal: NBC is exclusive vendor for range of products and systems integration through 2009."

THE_JUDGE3887d ago

They are in cahoots? You mean that Universal (which owns NBC and the Today show) that supports HD-DVD exclusively is in an agreement to promote the Blu-ray using PS3? What the guy said was correct of the Today show, the X360 was made faulty, get over it. Sony made the deal your refering to to show of the PS3 in some shows i.e. Hero's, not to bad mouth the XBOX 360, tool.

Qayin3887d ago

How many parents who buy systems for kids watch and will be affected by the comments made on this nationally televised show?! And not to mention the statements made were true. As consumers a 30% failure rate is not acceptable of videogames or anything else!

Umbrella Corp3887d ago

my 360 is from launch and it never broke down.i take care of it coo it properly and play games till i get tired.The today show should check the facts "Every Console Breaks Down"(No fanboyism)

sticky doja3887d ago

just saw the video and nowhere does it mention to stay away from the 360, it actually says they have the best and upcomming best games.

WilliamRLBaker3887d ago

The consumer isn't getting correct info, the 360 wasn't built wrong and we all know it, if it was the us government would force a recall....the today shows tech guru is a retard if any of you watched the today show ud know this.


Yes, the Truth Hurts ! It hurts so bad the title of this post had to be altered because it was A LIE ! Watch the video please B4 you speak !!!

BLACKJACK VII3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

This article is both FALSE & MISLEADING.

Drunk Panda did not even watch the video B4 submitting this crap & neither did N4G when it was approved ! Nothing was ever said about "...don't buy a 360" - In fact, the guy says the 360 HAS THE BEST GAMES !!! Watch the video for yourself:

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D_U_I3887d ago

And what does this prove.... someones opinion. lol. Buy what ever console you want, you are the one taking the risk.

drunkpandas3887d ago

Yeah, but do you know how many mainstream consumers this affects? Millions of people watch the Today Show every morning and take what they say to heart. If you didn't know anything about video games and were going to buy one for a family member, friend, or yourself and had heard this, you would definitely think twice about getting a 360

OutLaw3887d ago

You're correct about how many people probably watches that show. I know here in NYC a lot of people do. So this could hurt MS a little.

drunkpandas3887d ago

I think they pushed the PS3 and Wii equally on their strong suits. The PS3 they praised as giving the best graphics for games and HD (not necessarily true, but that's what they said) and the Wii had the most innovative games to get you off the couch

JasonPC360PS3Wii3887d ago

No he was pushing the PS3 because what he said about the Wii was that it was more or less fun for the kiddies.

taz80803887d ago

It is an interesting thing to say on the morning show as this can directly affect those parents that have no clue about gaming but are planning to get heir kid a console for xmas. They will go to the sotre and then say "wait a second didnt rosie say she hated xbox, lets get a PS3" LOL. I hear parents at video games stores ask dumb questions all the itme and then I watch the even worse workers steer them in all kinds of bad directions. It liiek a tragic comedy.

drunkpandas3887d ago

This is exactly the audience that this type of news story is going to affect. Maybe not even directly. Say someone at work mentions getting their kid a 360. The person who saw this on the Today Show might bring it up and let everyone else know.

ash_divine3887d ago

so if they're not getting a 360 they've been steered in a bad direction? That's a bit biased don't you thing?

StateofMind3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Well it's not like they lied. I know more than I'd like to admit about the gaming industry and I'm afraid to purchase a 360 because of its reliability. I'd like to play Mass Effect too, but there is a completely legitimate reason to "stay away" from the 360 right now.

dale13887d ago

sound advice if theres problems with a product as big as the xbox avoid like the plague
microsoft still have not said whats up with them yet now that really scares the consumer