E310: Driver Info and Screenshot

Ripten reports on pieces of information released about upcoming series rehash "Driver1999" as well as provides a blurry screenshot.


Title has been confirmed as "Driver: San Francisco".

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Sandwich Bender2835d ago

This looks pretty rad. Is it time for me to finally get into this series?

Drjft2835d ago

It sure is. The original was great, and I did enjoy the sequel, but I felt from a quality standpoint they just went downhill and focused on introducing new features as opposed to working with that they had.

N4GAddict2835d ago

The first game was definitely the best.

Dee_912835d ago

Wow I just said it would be cool if they made a new Driver yesterday ..

It would b cool if could get gt5 release date tommorrow ?

EliteAssassin812835d ago

I must be one of the few who actually liked the entire driver series. The first one came out not too long after I got my drivers licence, and I loved just driving around running from cops. I liked the 3rd one mainly because you could make your own soundtrack and change camera angles while watching your replay. The 4th one was cool because you started off in the 70s and ended up in 2006. Not as good as gta is though imo

2835d ago
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