MS: We've fixed Red Ring problem

Microsoft has claimed that the creation of its all new 250GB Xbox 360 is the final step in its solving of the console's biggest problem: The Red Ring Of Death.

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-Alpha2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Did they fix it or reduce it to an acceptable level?

I mean, hardware problems always exist, can you really get rid of it?

Anyways, my Elite seems to be doing well and I haven't heard many problems about RRoD with the Jasper models. Truth be told this should have been fixed years ago.

SixZeroFour2931d ago

i think're right in saying that there are ALWAYS hardware problems, not even the almighty ps3 is 100% unfaulty...its just to what extent is the reliability, and i do hope its down to atleast a 10% margin of error (thats pretty low, right?) i would like to get the new and improved xbox 360, looks like a sexy beast lol

Anon19742931d ago

Two pieces on information are missing here. What was the rate before and what's it down to now?

This isn't the first time Microsoft claimed to have RROD under control.

Great for new owners of the 360 if it's true but for a guy like me on his 4th 360 and afraid to buy new games for it this type of news does nothing for me at all.

InfectedDK2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

That's about time..
Some years later..
Sad they sold so many before they fixed it..
Well they knew they would earn more that way on naive people I guess..
So yeah.. Business I guess..

Why the hell didn't they bring the consoles back from the shelves to solve the issue in the first place????

I imagine in my head some drunk old man with a beer in his hand saying "yeeea son, we solved it" years after he should have done what he had to do..

Also I don't get how on earth anybody gets away with a failure rate like that.. I mean, think if every third Ipad sold just died.. ?? WTF.

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Rumor2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

and she'll be happy, or sad being that it seemed she liked having two broken 360's :/

jjesso19932931d ago

I have never head of slim failing ?

Blaze9292931d ago

I think they fixed it. It was always known, especially if you're a hacker, the main reason for the RRoD was because the 360's design was pure shit. There was no room for air to circulate and the casing and placement of chips was simply bad. Not so much on bad parts but the design was just awful.

This time around they have no reason to rush, no reason to go the cheap route, and new design that uses less power, has more air vents, and a better motherboard according to those leaked screenshots.

I think they fixed it a long time ago. Just couldn't do anything about it until today

Narutone662931d ago

There's no data on the failure rate of the new model as it isn't out yet/they just started selling it in the market. We have to wait a while to know the actual failure rate. I wouldn't believe the marketing bs from any company regarding that.

WhittO2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

They said that with the Elite lol.

The interior cant be that different because it still has 90% the same size/shape, they have just cut a few things out or are using smaller components.

HolyOrangeCows2931d ago

We will see about that. They said the same thing about the Jasper, but that didn't work out too well.

Anon19742931d ago

They have to put them in labs, run them for hours on end to make sure they don't burst into flame, make sure they can deal with all sorts of conditions. Microsoft managers said years later they knew full well what the failure rate of the 360 originally at launch was.

They do testing. What was the failure rate before and what is it now?

How many revisions of the hardware have we seen where this was still an issue up until Jasper allegedly fixed the problem?

I bought my 360 back when Microsoft was maintaining that the failure rate was right at acceptable industry standards. I thought all the moaning going on in the forums was just a noisy minority of unlucky 360 owners and I choose to believe Microsoft because surely they couldn't outright lie about something that important, right?

4 consoles later and I know now if I had any idea how much trouble my 360 would be, or that in the long run it would end up costing me $900 in total for the console, extended warranty after 2 consoles died, XBL, charge and play kits, wi-fi, more battery packs when the ones I own die...etc - I wouldn't have touched the 360 with a 10 foot pole. Microsoft caught me with their lies. Damn straight I'm going to question their word now.

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Godmars2902931d ago

They never really confirmed or denied that it existed in the first place, and by the sound of it they've specifically removed any use for the term in the redesign.

Nitrowolf22931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

to 100%

it no longer will glow red rings when the hardware is broken but a different color
mybe blue ring of death, or yellow ring

but that great news, they should have done this years ago
i will wait for the first report of the new slim before i buy one

tatotiburon2931d ago

with the jasper units the rrod was reduced it to an acceptable level, new with new board, chip and cooling, the problem is gone for good

boodybandit2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"the problem is gone for good"

I am one of those suckers that bought each new revision hoping the problem was resolved and I was proven wrong nearly every time. I'm not doubting that maybe MS did finally elimtinate this issue but just coming out and stating it as a stone cold fact is a bit of a stretch.

Slightly off topic but
I recently picked up the MW2 bundle edition (got it so cheap I could pass it up $200 brand new) Jasper unit and it runs quieter for some reason than my other 2 arcade Jasper units. Weird but I'm not imagining it. Maybe they have different disc drives or something. I'm a little on the eccentric side and own 5 360 units but 3 of them were because of a 3 panel display for racing.

despair2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

i don't trust anything MS says about the RROD, Its more a wait and see with the new design. Won't be getting a new X360 until i'm confident it won't die on me again so easily(within acceptable margins).


nothing is ever 100%

boodybandit2931d ago

MS has lied this entire generation about their hardware issues to a sleezy completely dishonest level. I have had nearly every version of their 360 revision die on me including the new Jasper. Before people start claiming I am troll or lying check my post history and see if I respond to failure rates of the 360's hardware on past articles.

Now I will say that problems are lesser with each new revision so I agree with you Alpha-Male that it's probably now just to acceptable levels.

CryWolf2931d ago

I don't trust MS as far as I could throw them with the RROD problem on 360 and 360 slim.

morganfell2931d ago

How can they be in the final step yet are already producing new consoles, some of which were given away today and more are shipping today. The console isn't right until the final step IS COMPLETED.

Personally I think there is a new issue coming. Motorization in Kinect is asking for it.

Blacktric2931d ago

Don't care. And not going to care anything MS says from now on. They ripped people off for 5 years selling their system without built in Wi-Fi, a power supply that can't even support 3 integrated USB ports and after 3 motherboard revision they didn't do anything to repair major flaws. And now they gave away these for free to the idiots who attended their conference and didn't give us, real supporters anything but a big empty ballsack. No new worthwhile Live service additions, no extended support for other countries and nearly none new games we didn't know about before conference. Keep going like this MS and your downfall will be epic. Make a hardcore console. Pump it up as "the console" to play hardcore games for 5 years and turn 180 after 5 years to make it more appealable for casual crowd.

SOAD2931d ago

Now you're just being butthurt. Microsoft isn't going to knock on your door and beg for forgiveness.

They're not even trying to get you to buy one. Their demographic target has changed from whiny know-it-alls on the internet to the exercise junkie moms.

Blacktric2931d ago

If you call "waiting for a whole year for new and unknown announcements and getting disappointed" as butthurt. Yes. I'm.

fishd2931d ago

You know,things break

Lekumkee2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

MS: What Red Ring problem? - 2006
MS: Red Ring problem only exist to a small vocal community - 2007
MS: We've fixed Red Ring problem by extending the warranty for 3 years - 2008
MS: We've fixed Red Ring problem with Jasper models - 2009
MS: We've fixed Red Ring problem with the new Slim - 2010
MS: We've fixed Red Ring problem with ____ __ ____ ___ - ????

SOAD2931d ago

The size has remained the same and there are more air vents. The internal components have been shrunk down. Hence, there's a shitload more airflow. That in itself will help reduce RROD because the X-clamps that usually fall off due to excess heat won't heat up anymore.

End of story.

Motion2931d ago

change the light color.

introducing the blue ring of death.

morkendo2931d ago

put your hands down and surrender RROD killed ur chances

FamilyGuy2931d ago

I can't believe no one has asked or mentioned whether the new console will have a standard 1 year warranty or the infamous 3 year warrant. "Infamous" because of how it came to be.

I gotta be honest, that new 360 is a sexy little fkr but I still have low interest in the actual game line up on the 360, current and future.

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dizzleK2931d ago

i've got another one for 'ya, a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar....

this redesign is what the 360 should have been 4 years ago, man. too little too late, at least for me. i've been too spoiled by sony to give the 360 another chance, sorry.

mittwaffen2931d ago

lol, typical I always see you bashing hardcore on anything Xbox.

SixZeroFour2931d ago

thats nice, but looks like youre always up to give a 360 article a chance right ;)

ASSASSYN 36o2931d ago

It is not fixed until ign red light podcast is gone. That's what ign said a year or two ago.

T9X692931d ago

Well the way the new Xbox looks, they could replace the red with yellow and we will finally have a PS360.

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Mr Patriot2931d ago

I wont believe MS, I would wait for the consumer reaction after a month, if everythin goes well I will get one, otherwise Im completelty satisfied with my ps3 :)