Rumor: 3 PS3 exclusives Leaked

Amazon france has revealed 3 upcoming PS3 exlusives for 2010:
Horizon from Quantic Dreams (Heavy Rain)
Uncharted 3 (Naughty Dog)
and ICO team Collection (ICO + Shadow Of the collossus HD!)


Sony didn't show anything about this games, it don't means that it's was wrong because we didn't see many games as well as Last guardian and insomniac next title.

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deadreckoning6662902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )


Edit: Nah, I checked..its fake.

hay2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Awesome, 21 hours to the conference...
Bubbles for the link.

FarEastOrient2902d ago

Wow, already allowed to pre-order already. That is a hit on my wallet.

Cloudberry2901d ago


Team ICO Collection???

U N C H A R T E D 3 ! ? ! ? ! ?


C R A A A A A A A A A P P P ! ? ! ? ! ? O_O

WhittO2901d ago

Uncharted 3 feels too soon, even though I love Uncharted.

Conloles2901d ago Show
Duke Spookem2901d ago

Uncharted 3 isn't too soon. The last one came out last year and if they show Uncharted 3 then it will probably just be a trailer. It more than likely won't be out until mid-late 2011.

sikbeta2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

OMG! This is the HUGE Line-Up EVER!!!!

Totally Awesome News IF TRUE, This Sony E3 Conference will be Amazingly Epic...

YourFlyness2901d ago

How is Uncharted 3 too soon, May come out Fall 2011, thats plenty of time, if they started right after U2 was finish

Pennywise2901d ago


Christopher2901d ago

OMG, please let Team ICO HD collection not be fake :)

WhittO2901d ago

True, just hope it's not rushed is all.

Wonder if Resistance 3 will be there, been quiet on that front lately.

number052901d ago

According to amazon, uncharted 3 will be released fall 2011.

maddhatter6172901d ago

the only thing i want now is to know if there will bee a trailer for UC3. even if there isn't it is still the best thing at e3 if it is revealed without question.

R2D22901d ago

Uuncharted 3 FTW!!!!!!!

HolyOrangeCows2901d ago

"ICO team Collection"

W00t! Please be true, please be true....

number052901d ago

I think we will see a debut trailer of uncharted 3 and Horizon, we bet?

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number052902d ago

Amazon france announces are very reliable, trust me every game listed there comes a realty after a while.

-Alpha2901d ago

Damn, I didn't want to read spoilers. If true I am satisfied on these three titles alone, but oh boy, there's going to be so much more, I can't wait.

talltony2902d ago

how all those release dates say 2011 while the last guardian says 2010! omg if that game comes out this year, its over!

xskipperx822901d ago

thats not the Last Guardian. Its the Team Ico Collection

terrorofdeath2901d ago

with Final Fantasy Versus. But i'm not believing that it will come out in 2010...

InfectedDK2901d ago

The conference is soon to begin!!
About 3,5 hours left!


jwatt2901d ago

I'm happy to see these titles but that's enough Sony, no more games until E3!

FragGen2901d ago

Thanks for ruining E3 for me, a**holes!

2901d ago
ruiner44822901d ago

Not true in the least. None of them at the Sony conference. Will they be released some day... most definitely. Not this year though.

gtamike2901d ago

uncharted 3 "31 octobre 2011"

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mrv3212902d ago


sikbeta2901d ago

*Tears of Joy*

I'm so Damn Happy, IF this is True, This is The Best E3 Ever...

FunAndGun2901d ago

Yes, sweet jesus.

Am so geeked to play Shadow of the Colossus again in HD!

Redlogic2901d ago

I have never played ICO or SOTC but I've heard nothing but praise for both games. I'm beyond excited for this collection. I get to play those two games for the first time in HD!!! How awesome. I knew Sony would bring the games this year.

jsx2901d ago

This was announced everywhere two weeks ago. WTF I was referred to this site about a week ago and all I see is stupidity and ignorance. Sigh.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Stop it Sony, I can't handle the surprises and exclusives anymore after watching the big Conference in E3.

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Shadow Flare2902d ago

Team ICO collection!!!!!

aaaaawwww man!!!!

Uncharted 3!!!!!!!!!!

Cannot wait for SONY'S conference!!!

Nitrowolf22902d ago

Uncharted 3?

don't get me wrong i want to see it but dam Sony stop to many exclusive