Kinect Confirmed to Be on E3 Floor

DualShockers writes, "Formerly known as Project Natal, Microsoft’s new motion solution’s full name was revealed last night to be Kinect. At Microsoft’s Press Conference it has just been confirmed that Kinect (Project Natal) will be on the showroom floor of E3 here in L.A.! The DualShockers crew cannot wait to get our hands on it..."

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Hitman07692929d ago

This should be ridiculous.

N4GAddict2928d ago

The shaky cam videos should be epic.

Dramscus2928d ago

They brought out the black guy to show that they solved that problem they had with it.

Chadness2929d ago

Will you be able to tickle Milo?

BeaArthur2928d ago

I guess you'll play that game in your kiddy porn dungeon.

taz80802928d ago

They need to show people hands on what this can and can not do. The reveal event left everyone wondering what was going on. Kinect has a lot to prove in order to get hadcore gamers interested

N4GAddict2928d ago

Can't wait to read the impressions

ATLGAMER2928d ago

Video chat....H/o didnt ps3 have that at launch

Hitman07692928d ago

LoL, true. Plus you can watch videos together (PS Home feature in the works since its announcement 2007ish)

Bumpmapping2928d ago

Kinectmals ROFL one of the worst E3 in gaming history good job M$!

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