Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2010 CGI Trailer

Gamereactor DK has just released (leaked?) the new, E3 2010 cinematic trailer "Hope" for the upcomming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The site is in danish

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tdogchristy902778d ago

even though it was CGI it was still very cool.

Oldsnake0072778d ago

Why the fuck do the good ones always win ? It's so cliche in gaming.

Aikuchi2778d ago

Because in real life the bad guy always wins, and games are about fantasy.

RagTagBnd4452778d ago

In the first SWTOR trailer, the good guys got pwned.

Christopher2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The best part is showing that Jedi in the game aren't the invincible targets they are usually made out to be and that playing any class can lead to being a bad ass.

It should be noted that the Dark Jedi at the end of this one is the same guy from the first video who killed all the Jedi. He was sporting a new mask in the first one due to this encounter.

XXXCouture2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

that was fucking epic. why the hell do we get shit like "clone wars" when they can make stuff like this

Christopher2778d ago

Because LucasArts can make make money at the same time selling both great Star Wars material and crappy Star Wars material.

Kal11382778d ago

Because Clone Wars is a weekly TV show. :|

XXXCouture2778d ago

well they should hire Blur studios to do a weekly show. someone start a petition...

silvacrest2778d ago

the budget that went into this 5 min CGI is probably the equivalent of a couple clone wars episodes

Galaxia2778d ago

The Clone Wars TV show is actually pretty awesome.

But I agree, Lucasarts really needs to make a realistic CGI movie like with what they have done here.

I love these movie-like trailers for The Old Republic, probably some of the best trailers ever IMO. :D

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ThanatosDMC2778d ago

As long as we dont fall for the CG movies... i wanna see gameplay vids.

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Godmars2902778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Okay, nevermind. Spoiler.

(Yes, its that cool)

peowpeow2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Alot of CGI nowadays make me crave for an awesome CGI movie based on something like Mass Effect or Assassins Creed.

Just watched. This is really good

R2D22778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I had this theory that CGI will get so real and advance that it will replace real actors and only need voice actors. I for one thing Hollywood actors are over paid and some movies like Avatar take too much money and time to make.

Sony should jump on this because the on a movie studio and they have Naughty Dog.

Consoldtobots2778d ago

im not sure what the point of this type of presentation is anyway. When the game comes out it will look and play NOTHING like that trailer so why false advertise?

midgard2272778d ago

while i almost agree with u i wud rather have a badass cg movie than some crappy ingame event or no cg movie at all.

Hyldig2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Story telling, it's better than reading.

Although i can agree with you in some way. I still love som badass CGI :D

Reibooi2778d ago

Yeah it has never made sense why they do this. It's needless false hype. This game in particular doesn't need hype. It's a Star Wars game. Fans of the franchise will flock to it so you don't need to hype it up by showing something the game will never be.

I understand having something like this in the game itself to kinda explain the story and what not and nearly every MMO does that but don't hype the game up with this. It sets expectations way to high.

I remember seeing the first CGI trailer last year and then a few days later saw game play of the game and was REALLY underwhelmed. A large part of that was the CGI trailer making the game look way better then it would really be.

Panthers2778d ago

Well I wasnt expecting the game to look like the first CGI trailer. I mean, it is an MMO. But every time I watch that first cinematic, it pumps me up. I cant freakin wait for this game.

Reibooi2778d ago

It's interesting you bring up that you didn't expect it to look like the CGI trailer. While it's obvious a game will never look THAT good The Old Republic is very weak graphically.

Compare it to something like Final Fantasy XIV where people had trouble telling what was CGI and what was in engine during the games first trailer and it's quite disappointing to say the least. More so when you consider the amount of money and effort being put into The Old Republic.

Christopher2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Actually, every single attack in these CGI videos, without the obvious flair for flipping and jumping over multiple opponents, are in the game. Grenades, blasters, force abilities, flame throwers, etc. The abilities each character uses in the videos are class abilities in the game and will represent what you can do with those specific classes in the end.

Panthers2778d ago

They are not trying to show off gameplay or anything. The main selling point for this MMO is story and they are trying to show that. Not to mention this game isnt even out yet and it has some of the best trailers I have ever seen. The first one was better than the new SW trilogy.

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RagTagBnd4452778d ago

I think Blur studios should do a full length movie.

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