E3 2010: MS Not Concerned About Natal/Kinect Name Change

Microsoft is not concerned about any potential confusion that may arise from marketing Kinect as Project Natal for a year before changing its name. Director of Product Management for Xbox Aaron Greenberg explained to IGN that this is largely a case of most of the market not even being aware that it exists just yet.

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Tony-A2959d ago

If they were, I don't think they would've bothered with the change in the first place.

niceguywii602959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

They said it wasn't named Natal when they announced it lol they called it Natal in code.

morganfell2959d ago

Yeah they have bigger crap to be worried about. Like the damn thing not working. Regardless of the impression of the MS keynote later today, when journalists have a go at Kinect it will get uglier.

If MS can't get a group of trained people, their people to properly mimic videos then sites and publications will have a heyday stabbing MS in the press.

stuna12959d ago

"DING, DING, DING, and we have a winner. You're spot on morgan, and what's sad is people are willing to overlook it! All this makes me wonder is what else has been and is smoke and mirrors?! Sales, Reliability, kind of makes you wonder.

Christopher2959d ago

This tells me that they don't really worry about those who know about Natal the most, which are the hardcore gamers. Essentially saying "Hey, the people who do know about it are so small and inconsequential that we felt we could change it to whatever we want."

The other alternative was to just inform your target audience of Natal using the same event-recorded half-hour commercial that they just recorded and will be showing on Tuesday.

I think the major reason for the change was to line up with the Kin phones. Surprised they haven't renamed Bing to King or something similar. Somehow having similar sounding names for all their casual products is going to get people to use them all, I guess.

kneon2959d ago

the target casual audience are barely aware of the existence of Natal/Kinect or Move so a name change doesn't really affect anything. The hardcore know what it is

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Otheros002959d ago ShowReplies(1)
StarScream4Ever2959d ago

They should be more concern with how software developers would use the hardware for development and not ending up with the same fate as the Eye Toy.

ShiftyLookingCow2959d ago

Why the hell would they choose such a horrible name? Try saying "Nintendo Wii" and then "Microsoft Kinect".

thor2959d ago

Yep they've changed from one sh1t name to another, lol.

Trunkz Jr2959d ago

It wasn't always called Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has made name changes in the past before, I don't see why Microsoft can't.

prodg522959d ago

remember Nick Arcade? That's what Kinect reminds me of. The kids dodging fire and bugs in the "virtual reality room".

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