Is Project Natal's New name _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

You have heard the rumors no doubt for what Project Natal’s new name could be, Wave! Now there is a new rumor. X2theG came across a post on with the above image and the poster, JasonA, a Forum Admin saying, “Im not too sure Natal will be called Wave and the circles are back!”.

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hardcorez2779d ago

Does it even matter? I'm sure there will be 50 stories submitted about its name when they announce it...even if it remains "Natal".

WhittO2779d ago

I dont see anything wrong with the name NATAL tba, it sounds different and interesting.

Plus they have already been using the name for over a year so everyone knows it as NATAL now.

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Orange Juice2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I think wave is a good name, I can totally see that being it. It represents the device just fine imo.

Stay classy, you arent giving xbox fans a bad name or anything.

sikbeta2779d ago

Any-1 knows what happened with "wave", wasn't that the official name?

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Milamber2779d ago

You're right, it doesn't matter too much. Look at Wii. Worst Name Ever.

RedDevils2779d ago

it easy to say, even you can't speak englsih, natal, come on if people who doesn't know much english, they would forget that name quicker than you actually think

karl2779d ago

does NATAL mean anything?


Natal sounds like a girl's name.

"Hi. I'm John, this is my wife Susan and our daughter Natal."

Connoro2779d ago

It would help this rumour's authenticity if the poster actually had a reliable source. How do we know JasonA didn't make it himself?

niceguywii602779d ago

Like the one from a insider source that can't be named?

Connoro2779d ago

It's my job to report the news, it's the reader's choice to decide whether or not they think it's a legitimate rumour. I'm just explaining why I don't think this rumour is particularly believable.

vhero2779d ago

Agreed but Sony have the PS "Eye" So... Maybe...

Willio2779d ago

Nice branding job yet again... Zune.. reactive to Ipod.

FanboyAttack2779d ago

Perhaps they just call it the Microsoft Fail.

ingiomar2779d ago

Oculus is a Lame name xD get it? Lame name?

velcry2779d ago

is there some pun or something there? =(

Cold 20002779d ago

Maybe he was trying to make a rhyme...? O_o

velcry2779d ago

who thought of Diablo II immediately upon seeing the name "Oculus"?

Man. I'm that old.

eggbert2779d ago

Pfft, everyone calls it the occy.

besides, it sucks :D

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