Lost Odyssey’s Developer Teams Up w/ Square Enix for A New Game

Feel Plus, the developer of the highly acclaimed Lost Odyssey, is currently working on a game with Square Enix that is entitled as, Moon Diver.

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Godmars2903111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Feeling some old Square love, I was excited for this up until I read the title of the game.

Of course its a DL title...

Seriously, why do two developers have to team up on a DL title?

N4PS3G3111d ago

why so much negativity? If they want to do a DL title ..let them do what ever the heck they want. A lot of DL titles now days end up being way better than full retail games.

Some of the best DL titles come from 2 teams. Ex. Shadow Complex: Epic Games/Chair stopped being excited after just reading the name?...... *sigh*

Godmars2903111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Its two development houses getting together to make a a DL game. Its either going to be something incredible, or something average. Given the recent JP track record, of which Square has become a leading example, what are the chances that its just going to be average? With two development houses working on it.

Thinking about the name "Moon Diver" after making my comment made me reconsider it as a possible spiritual sequel to Einhander, but then its four player co-op.

And of course I've got to deal with the usual fanboy BS for expressing an opinion.

BTW, who's chair and what have they made before SC?

Arnon3111d ago

Every game on Steam is a downloadable title. What does that honestly say about your generalizations towards downloadable games and how they're developed?

Lionhead3111d ago

Hmmmm Moon Diver...

I guess I could wait to see...

Something about the name just screams generic though.

Hallmark Moment3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

WTF is this ps3 fanboy going on about? I guess he thought Microsoft was only coming to E3 with Natal and a few known exclusives despite two major events lol LO2 please

candystop3111d ago

Yeah you were excited until you read it was 360 exclusive lol. Did you guys honestly think MS wasn't going to blow out this years E3. Sure I'm speaking early but my advice to all PS3 fanboys is to stay away from 360 coming news. Your all about to be taken on a ride to the twilight zone.

seij5553111d ago

I feel sorry for you. I have never seen such blind denial. Have fun with your wacky camera. I'll be playing some amazing new exclusives.

candystop3111d ago

Oh quit crying lol. Talk to me at E3 when you can back your trash talk.

seij5553111d ago

Hmm that applies more for you, or have you been around the last couple of weeks? Hear of LBP2, KZ3, Infamous 2? How about how well Move is progressing with 22ms lag and hardcore games lining up for it? How about Sony's 3D support? Maybe The Last Guardian and FF13 Versus is not enough? Maybe you'd be interested in Jaffe's new game, or Resistance 3, or Motorstorm 3. I could go on all night buddy.

Lich1203111d ago

I was excited until I hit the part where square was involved. Lost odyssey was one of the few RPG's I've enjoyed recently, and the others, square certainly wasn't involved.

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MightyMark4273111d ago

Let's hope that this game will be interesting since Feel Plus is doing it

niceguywii603111d ago ShowReplies(2)
PandaJenkins3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

wasn't mistwalker the main developer on Lost Odyssey??

Just seemed odd when I first saw the article, wouldn't expect them to work with SE. I mean cmon, the head of the studio quit SE for a reason. (Mistwalker that is)

tplarkin73111d ago

Mistwalker is the main developer. But they outsourced much of the work to Feel Plus.

GrilledCheeseBook3111d ago

Mistwalker did the story and music
they focused on the world and the concepts while Feel Plus did the developing

jc485733111d ago

I was hoping to hear if they were interested in developing Shadow Hearts.

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