Sony Says No To Quality Content Such As “The Chauffeur’s Daughter” & “Touch Me”

PusSquare: Were you hoping to get Vivid Video’s back-catalogue of adult entertainment on your PS3? Really? Well tough – Sony’s said no

One of the world’s biggest porno content providers (ok, grow up), has declared that talks with Sony to get a new “adult” section added to the Playstation Video Store directory fell flat pretty early

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dizzleK2996d ago

i guess sony doesn't want to win the war. paying for porn is for suckers but you can't deny that it rakes in $$$$.

Press_Agree2996d ago

I say Yes to quality content like "Killzone 3" and "LBP2"

SullyDrake2996d ago

This is the move of a mature company. I'm proud to support Sony when they make decisions like this without much thought needed. =)

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shoddy2996d ago

It's only does everything.

SaiyanFury2996d ago

I don't need interactive porn, thank you very much. I'm married to a wonderful woman so I don't need things like that.

Sugreev20012996d ago

It's only a matter of time buddy,when boredom sets in.

SaiyanFury2995d ago

If I was a normal person, you might be right. I love my wife, and we've been together for several years now. We're still discovering each other and I've not grown bored. Today's society demonizes marriage, and complains about how people become bored with each other. I'm not bored in the least and my wife is only too happy to accommodate me. I don't need pornography, and we have a healthy marriage. I fear no boredom with my wonderful wife, and I love her with all my heart. We will not grow bored or complacent, and we'll be happy for the rest of our lives. A lot of people might disagree with me. I took my time to get to know my wife before we decided to marry. She shares my values and we have everything in common. I thank God for my chance to meet her, and we wed several years ago. I love her as much now as I did those years ago. I don't expect insane things from her, nor her I, and we get along swimmingly. I pity those people who never have a real meaningful relationship; you'll never know real love.

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Not necessarily because public image EARNS you money.

SnuggleBandit2996d ago

which is exactly what he wrote lol

public image is greater than money

Colonel-Killzone2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

LOL I don't think sony wants to be the first gaming console to be offering up porn. I don't think they will win that way dizzleK. That would be a bad image on parents who wanna buy their children a PS3. That would start issues with politicians etc. People already can easily lie about their age when they make a PSN account. And kids can easily buy PSN cards. This would be a bad image today on fox five news 12 year old kid buys some porn off his Ps3. I would say in the public eye this is a smart decision.

Ryudo2996d ago

"LOL I don't think sony wants to be the first gaming console to be offering up porn."

Actually as I recall Sony is the first gaming console to offer up porn, There was a Pamela Anderson sex game on the PS1. And that didn't do anything to hurt it's imagine considering it won by a landslide.

So not much of what you said is actually true but hey it's N4G, Sony positive comments get agrees and bubbles here have some more.

Theonik2996d ago

Atari 2600 + General Custer's revenge said hi.

Dark_king2996d ago

All they would need to do is make it work on the web browser if it doesn't all ready.In this age where kids or not the majority of gamers it doesn't make sense to keep adult content away.They could make it so you have to have a credit card on the account.A credit card is different then a PSN card,a psn card can't be used for age verification.So the adult content wouldn't even be their for kids even if they lie about their age.

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